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About VLSI Networks Project

VLSI is one of the helpful innovations in the field which is requesting and focused on to realize with regards to the hardware foundation. It allows us to bounce on to the article to know about and its applications. We in 1Crore Project Centre, in Chennai, do projects for the College Final year students in VLSI. Implementing VLSI projects opens up a challenging and bright career for students as well as researchers. Some of the new trending areas of VLSI are field programmable gate array applications (FPGA), ASIC designs, and SOCs. 

We have an experience of doing projects for more than 10,000 Engineering students. Furthermore, we have well experienced in doing the Projects for 9+ a long time. Our developers have 6+ years’ experience in VLSI Project and they are knowledgeable and guaranteed people groups. Most of our Projects are perceived by the organizations which are required according to their prerequisites.

While we, commit you a project in 1Crore Project Centre, you will get an Abstract and base paper, documentation, when you get delivered your project, you will get the source code and explanation and programming installation / Hardware establishment done.

We will convey your project in on schedule after finishing. We guarantee you 100% result oriented for all our Projects. We in 1Crore Project Center in Chennai, gives total Guidance all through your project work.

We, 1Crore Project Center will give you Project Acceptance Letter, and Technology Learning authentication. The students will get Project Completion Experience Certificate likewise from us.

Call/Mail/SMS your pre-requisites, or straightforwardly visit our office with your friends for additional enquiries.

Our developers at 1Crore Project Center will give you astounding help all through your task done.

So get the information accessibility from our 1Crore Project Center and use it in your project works, and get your future lights up in your profession.

IEEE VLSI Projects Title

  • A Modified Partial Product Generator for Redundant Binary Multipliers
  • An Efficient Hardware Implementation of Canny Edge Detection Algorithm
  • Approximate Radix-8 Booth Multipliers for Low-Power and High-Performance Operation
  • A High-Performance FIR Filter Architecture for Fixed and Reconfigurable Applications
  • The Serial Commutator (SC) FFT
  • An Improved Signed Digit Representation Approach for Constant Vector Multiplication
  • High-Speed and Energy-Efficient Carry Skip Adder Operating Under a Wide Range of Supply Voltage Levels
  • A New XOR-Free Approach for Implementation of Convolutional Encoder
  • Energy and Area Efficient Three-Input XOR/XNORs With Systematic Cell Design Methodology
  • Implementation of a PID control PWM Module on FPGA
  • Built-in Self Testing of FPGAs
  • An FPGA-Based Cloud System for Massive ECG Data Analysis
  • Distributed Sensor Network-on-Chip for Performance Optimization of Soft-Error-Tolerant Multiprocessor System-on-Chip
  • VLSI Implementation of Fully Parallel LTE Turbo Decoders
  • A High Throughput List Decoder Architecture For Polar Codes
  • High-Performance NB-LDPC Decoder With Reduction of Message Exchange
  • A High-Speed FPGA Implementationof an RSD-Based ECC Processor
  • Low-Power ECG-Based Processor forPredicting Ventricular Arrhythmia
  • In-Field Test for Permanent Faults in FIFO Buffers of NoC Routers
  • Configurable Parallel Hardware Architecture forEfficient Integral Histogram Image Computing
  • Input-Based Dynamic Reconfiguration of Approximate Arithmetic Units for Video Encoding
  • A Normal I/O Order Radix-2 FFT Architecture to ProcessTwin Data Streams for MIMO
  • Unequal-Error-Protection Error Correction Codes for theEmbedded Memories in Digital Signal Processors
  • A High-Performance FIR Filter Architecture forFixed and Reconfigurable Applications
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