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About IEEE NS2 Projects

We, 1Crore Projects Centre, in Chennai, do projects for the college final year students in NS2. It is by itself, contains numerous modules. As time elapses, researchers keep developing new NS2 modules. We believe that once the basics of NS2 are grasped, the readers can go through other documentations, and readily understand the details of other NS2 components. NS2 a prominent simulator for wireless network communication. We use network simulation to verify data transmission and model network. We offer NS2 for B. TECH/ B.E. projects which use various new algorithms to enhance network performance. It provides substantial support to simulate bunch of protocols like TCP, FTP, UDP, https and DSR. NS2 stands for Network Simulator Version. It is an open-source event-driven simulator designed specifically for research in computer communication networks. It is a discrete event simulator for networking research.

So far we 1Crore Projects Center, have completed the process of doing projects for in excess of 10,000 Engineering College Final Year Students. Furthermore, we have insight in doing the Projects for 9+ years. Our Java Projects have been presented in National and International Conferences.

We endeavour for perfection and give the top notch arrangements in this space. We had led workshops in the new patterns of innovation at different universities. The greater part of our Projects are recognized by the professionals which are appropriate for their necessities.

When you commit your project in our 1Crore Projects Centre, you will get an Abstract and base paper, documentation, when you get the project full you will get the source code and clarification and programming establishment/Hardware establishment done.

We 1Crore Projects Center will give you Project Acceptance Letter and Technology Learning certificate. The students will get Project Completion Experience Certificate additionally from us.

We will finish your project in on schedule after fulfilment. We guarantee you 100% outcome for all Projects. We in 1Crore Projects Center in Chennai, gives total Guidance all through your project work.

Our developers at 1Crore Projects Center, will give you superb help all through your project done.

Call/Mail/SMS your necessities, or straight forwardly visit our office at 1Crore Projects Center for additional questions.

We Accept Inventive Ideas And Make Them Alive.  So feel free, drop in to our 1Crore Projects Centre in Chennai with your friends for more Queries.

NS2 ventures offer an assorted scope of tasks in NS2 for you. We have confidence in changing your thoughts into your work. As like whatever, we don’t have confidence in giving static records and making you to pick a subject among it. NS2 project centers in chennai We trust that each understudy needs to feel their value as everybody has an energy to change the world with their basic reasoning force. Change your reality, know your value, and come to us. NS3 projects, NS3 project centers chennai We make creative tasks for each understudy as we trust that our understudies can contend with any ventures on the planet and can make their name alongside us. We refresh our self constantly and give best research extends by examining new ideas in the field of systems administration.
We have world class engineers with us working for you, to make something inventive which can profit you and can make your own particular character in the general public. NS2 is open source programming principally utilized for instructive and investigate reason. It is one of the real apparatuses utilized today by understudies because of its wide functionalities and applications. We provide IEEE Ns2 2021 2022 projects work for B.tech, M.tech, and PhD/MS researchers from everywhere throughout the world. Our lone enthusiasm and point is serving understudies. Make your system with us and offer your plan to grow up with us… ..how about we make another unrest for reproduction.

Low power

  • Energy efficient reduce and rank using input adaptive approximations
  • Enfire: a spatio-temporal fine-grained reconfigurable hardware
  • Sign-magnitude encoding for efficient vlsi realization of decimal multiplication
  • Adaptive multibit crosstalk-aware error control coding scheme for on-chip communication
  • Dual-quality 4:2 compressors for utilizing in dynamic accuracy configurable multipliers
  • A way-filtering-based dynamic logical-associative cache architecture for low-energy consumption
  • Resource-efficient sram-based ternary content addressable memory
  • A high-efficiency 6.78-mhz full active rectifier with adaptive time delay control for wireless power transmission

High speed data transmission

  • High-speed and low-latency ecc processor implementation over gf(2m) on fpga
  • A 2.5-ps bin size and 6.7-ps resolution fpga time-to-digital converter based on delay wrapping and averaging
  • Comedi: combinatorial election of diagnostic vectors from detection test sets for logic circuits
  • Low-power scan-based built-in self-test based on weighted pseudorandom test pattern generation and reseeding
  • A 2.4-3.6-ghz wideband sub-harmonically injection-locked pll with adaptive injection timing alignment technique
  • fast automatic frequency calibrator using an adaptive frequency search algorithm
  • A 65-nm cmos constant current source with reduced pvt variation
  • High-speed parallel lfsr architectures based on improved state-space transformations
  • Scalable approach for power droop reduction during scan-based logic bist
  • Soft error rate reduction of combinational circuits using gate sizing in the presence of process variations
  • Stochastic implementation and analysis of dynamical systems similar to the logistic map

Area efficient/ timing & delay reduction

  • Roba multiplier: a rounding-based approximate multiplier for high-speed yet energy-efficient digital signal processing
  • Vlsi design of 64bit * 64bit high performance multiplier with redundant binary encoding
  • A method to design single error correction codes with fast decoding for a subset of critical bits
  • Hybrid hardware/software floating-point implementations for optimized area and throughput tradeoffs
  • Efficient soft cancelation decoder architectures for polar codes
  • Low-complexity digit-serial multiplier over gf(2m) based on efficient toeplitz block toeplitz matrix-vector product decomposition
  • Efficient designs of multiported memory on fpga
  • Hybrid lut multiplexer fpga logic architectures
  • Fpga realization of low register systolic all-one-polynomial multipliers over gf (2m) and their applications in trinomial multipliers
  • Coordinate rotation-based low complexity k-means clustering architecture
  • Coordinate rotation-based low complexity k-means clustering architecture
  • Energy-efficient vlsi realization of binary64 division with redundant number systems
  • Hardware-efficient built-in redundancy analysis for memory with various spares
  • Reordering tests for efficient fail data collection and tester time reduction
  • An fpga-based hardware accelerator for traffic sign detection
  • Antiwear leveling design for ssds with hybrid ecc capability
  • A fault tolerance technique for combinational circuits based on selective-transistor redundancy

Audio, image & video processing

  • A dual-clock vlsi design of h.265 sample adaptive offset estimation for 8k ultra-hd tv encoding


  • Publicly verifiable watermarking for intellectual property protection in fpga design
  • Interconnection allocation between functional units and registers in high-level synthesis

Networking on chip (noc)

  • Multicast-aware high-performance wireless network-on-chip architectures
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