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About IEEE Embedded System Projects

Embedded projects 2018 2019 developed by IEEE projects, improvement and trial of programming frameworks/subsystems on at least one anticipates. This will include examination of necessities, engineering, outline, execution and combination. You will interface with interdisciplinary groups including frameworks, equipment, firmware and data affirmation. You will be relied upon to take an interest being developed exercises with different architects to accomplish shared objectives. The perfect hopeful will be knowledgeable about utilizing an organized way to deal with programming improvement, utilizing a measured and all around recorded approach IEEE projects 2018 2019 centers chennai that precisely characterizes module capacities and interfaces, bolsters incremental module testing and joining.
To prevail in this energizing part you should have industry experience of programming improvement utilizing Embedded C/C++ and a comprehension of full lifecycle programming advancement. A degree in Software Engineering, Electronics, or a related specialized field is basic.


  • Android meets led bulbs in smart-home automation
  • Bluetooth chatting on android
  • Robo movement controlling using android
  • Bluetooth based datalogger for industrial automation


  • Patient vital signs monitoring using wireless body area networks
  • Wireless fingerprint attendance system based on zigbee technology
  • Design and application of mobile embedded systems for home care applications
  • Wireless health monitoring and tracking system for patients
  • Development of antirigging voting system using biometrics
  • Remote sleep monitoring and medical alarm system
  • Bio metric authentication system for foyer accessing


  • Design and implementation of embedded indoor intelligent temperature control system
  • Remote monitoring of building structural integrity by a smart wireless sensor network
  • Wireless security control system & sensor network for smoke and fire detection
  • Development of coal mine safety system using wireless sensor network
  • Role of wireless sensor networks in forest fire prevention
  • Development of an es for secure wireless data communication


  • Rfid and zigbee based manufacturing monitoring system
  • The design and implementation of intelligent campus security tracking system based on rfid and zigbee
  • Vehicle tax pay and access system


  • The remote control of mobile robot based on embedded technology
  • Handheld multi parameter monitoring and analysis system
  • Spy robots
  • Arm robots
  • Industrial monitoring robots
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