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  • Android meets led bulbs in smart-home automation
  • Bluetooth chatting on android
  • Robo movement controlling using android
  • Bluetooth based datalogger for industrial automation


  • Patient vital signs monitoring using wireless body area networks
  • Wireless fingerprint attendance system based on zigbee technology
  • Design and application of mobile embedded systems for home care applications
  • Wireless health monitoring and tracking system for patients
  • Development of antirigging voting system using biometrics
  • Remote sleep monitoring and medical alarm system
  • Bio metric authentication system for foyer accessing


  • Design and implementation of embedded indoor intelligent temperature control system
  • Remote monitoring of building structural integrity by a smart wireless sensor network
  • Wireless security control system & sensor network for smoke and fire detection
  • Development of coal mine safety system using wireless sensor network
  • Role of wireless sensor networks in forest fire prevention
  • Development of an es for secure wireless data communication


  • Rfid and zigbee based manufacturing monitoring system
  • The design and implementation of intelligent campus security tracking system based on rfid and zigbee
  • Vehicle tax pay and access system


  • The remote control of mobile robot based on embedded technology
  • Handheld multi parameter monitoring and analysis system
  • Spy robots
  • Arm robots
  • Industrial monitoring robots