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About IEEE Embedded System Projects

Embedded systems are one of the most inventive field of electrical Engineering. Numerous advancements have been made in this field from most recent 10 years. Embedded systems have numerous applications in domestic and modern industries. Microcontrollers based projects are exceptionally famous among final year students of electrical and electronic engineering. Numerous EEE, ECE and EIE students are doing embedded projects each year. We in our 1Crore Project Centre, do Embedded projects according to the student’s thoughts likewise as they have more innovative project in their final year projects.

Our developers have a very good experience and they have 6+ years’ experience in this and well versed in Embedded projects.

So far we have completed the process of doing projects for in excess of 10,000 Engineering students. What’s more, we have insight in doing the Projects for 9+ a long time. Most of our Projects are perceived by the organizations which are required according to their prerequisites.

While we, 1Crore Project commit you the Project, you will get an Abstract and base paper, documentation, when you receive the project, you will get the source code and explanation and programming establishment/Hardware establishment done.

Multiplatform Training will be gained by the students through Real time experience when you get the project done by 1Crore Project centre.

Our Developers will be a student friendly choice to help them to create, build and maintain the projects that are innovative, efficient and reliable and also to support the student’s ideas in developing the projects.

We will deliver your project in on schedule time after culmination. We guarantee you 100% result oriented for all our Projects. We in 1Crore Project Center in Chennai, gives total Guidance all through your project work.

We 1Crore Project Center will give you Project Acceptance Letter, and Technology Learning testament. The students will get Project Completion Experience Certificate additionally from us.

Call/Mail/SMS your necessities, or straightforwardly visit our office with your friends for additional doubt to be cleared.

Our developers at 1Crore Project Center will give you fantastic help all through your project, till done.


  • Android meets led bulbs in smart-home automation
  • Bluetooth chatting on android
  • Robo movement controlling using android
  • Bluetooth based datalogger for industrial automation


  • Patient vital signs monitoring using wireless body area networks
  • Wireless fingerprint attendance system based on zigbee technology
  • Design and application of mobile embedded systems for home care applications
  • Wireless health monitoring and tracking system for patients
  • Development of antirigging voting system using biometrics
  • Remote sleep monitoring and medical alarm system
  • Bio metric authentication system for foyer accessing


  • Design and implementation of embedded indoor intelligent temperature control system
  • Remote monitoring of building structural integrity by a smart wireless sensor network
  • Wireless security control system & sensor network for smoke and fire detection
  • Development of coal mine safety system using wireless sensor network
  • Role of wireless sensor networks in forest fire prevention
  • Development of an es for secure wireless data communication


  • Rfid and zigbee based manufacturing monitoring system
  • The design and implementation of intelligent campus security tracking system based on rfid and zigbee
  • Vehicle tax pay and access system


  • The remote control of mobile robot based on embedded technology
  • Handheld multi parameter monitoring and analysis system
  • Spy robots
  • Arm robots
  • Industrial monitoring robots
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