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Wireless Communication Projects

Wireless communication is portrayed as sending data beginning with one point then onto the following point or different focuses without using wires. We 1crore Project Center, in Chennai, do mini projects in Wireless Communication based activities for the College Students. Wireless communication allows long-range correspondence, while in various exchanges it is hard to complete using wires. Wireless communication is used in telecom enterprises and it utilizes wires a sort of energy to move data without using wires over short and huge distances. These progressions use radio waves using the radio for short and critical distance radio exchanges. This communication is mostly used in mobile, fixed, and portable devices that incorporate PDAs, radio, mobile phones, and the utilizations of remote communication projects include garage entryway, door openers, GPS, remote PC mice keyboard, satellite vision, headsets, broadcast TV, and so on We trust these project ideas are more useful to numerous final year students to finish their B. Tech effectively.

In our 1 crore project centre in Chennai, we have developers with 6+ years of experience on both the basic and advanced levels. We have a pool of hand-picked, qualified developers who could complete the mini projects through rigorous hands-on lab sessions focused on the real-world problems of finishing the project with studies, brain storming, and simulations.

Once you commit to a mini project with us, you’ll get Project Abstract, Project Diagrams, Project Base Paper, PPT, Viva Presentation preparation, Project Report Assistance, E-Books / Materials, Project Screen Shots & Video Demo, and Work Flow, Overall Project Implementation explanation source code, explanation, and software installation / Hardware kit will be handover to you.

Our faculty will thoroughly explain everything to you prior to delivery, based on your mini project that requires analysis. After completion, we will deliver your Mini project on schedule. We also commit mini projects for college final year students via the online and deliver them via the same.

We, at 1crore project centre, design mini projects based on the needs of students and provide each student with the opportunity to attain 100% results.

So, bring your friends to our 1 crore Project Centre and get your mini project work completed on schedule, as well as gain knowledge that will help you advance in your job and become well-versed in this subject.

Wireless Communication Projects List

  • A control design for vehicle speed with multi level using rf technology
  • Automatic wireless health monitoring system in hospitals for patients with emergency alert system
  • Earthquake detection alert alarm for people security
  • Homeoffice automation of appliance auto control & wireless auto status update to pc
  • Innovative congestion control system
  • Remote accident report system for highways using rf
  • Rf remote controlled metal detectng robot
  • Spy robot
  • Two-way wireless data messaging system for rural areas using ir
  • Vehicle pollution check and tracking
  • Wireless keyboard
  • Wireless water level controller
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