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Image Processing

  • Adaptive Fingerprint Image Enhancement With Emphasis on Preprocessing of Data
  • An Optimized Wavelength Band Selection for Heavily Pigmented Iris Recognition
  • Analysis Operator Learning and its Application to Image Reconstruction
  • Compressive Framework for Demosaicing of Natural Images
  • Context-Based Hierarchical Unequal Merging for SAR Image Segmentation
  • Context-Dependent Logo Matching and Recognition
  • Estimating Information from Image Colors: An Application to Digital Cameras and Natural Scenes
  • General Framework to Histogram-Shifting-Based Reversible Data Hiding
  • Latent Fingerprint Matching Using Descriptor-Based Hough Transform
  • Local Directional Number Pattern for Face Analysis: Face and Expression Recognition
  • Noise Reduction Based on Partial-Reference, Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform Shrinkage
  • Revealing the Traces of JPEG Compression Anti-Forensics
  • Reversible Data Hiding With Optimal Value Transfer
  • Reversible Watermarking Based on Invariant Image Classification and Dynamic Histogram Shifting
  • Scene Text Detection via Connected Component Clustering and Nontext Filtering
  • A Watermarking based medical Image Integrity Control System and an Image Moment Signature for Tampering Characterization
  • A Hybrid Multiview Stereo Algorithm for Modeling Urban Scenes
  • Adaptive Fingerprint Image Enhancement with Emphasis on Preprocessing of data
  • Hyperspectral Imagery Restoration Using Nonlocal Spectral – Spatial Structured Sparse Representation with Noise Estimation
  • Image Size Invariant Visual Cryptography for General Access Structures Subject to Display Quality Constraints
  • Interactive Segmentation for Change Detection in Multispectral Remote Sensing Images
  • Intra-and-Inter-Constraint based Video Enhancement based on Piecewise Tone Mapping
  • LDFT based Watermarking Resilient to Local Desynchronization Attacks
  • Rich Intrinsic Image Decomposition of Outdoor Scenes from Multiple Views
  • Secure Watermarking for Multimedia Content Protection: A Review of its Benefits and Open Issues
  • Robust Hashing for Image Authentication using Zernike Moments and Local Features
  • Robust Face Recognition for Uncontrolled Pose and Illumination Changes
  • Query Adaptive Image Search with Hash Codes
  • Regional Spatially Adaptive Total Variation Super-Resolution with Spatial Information Filtering and Clustering
  • Automatic Detection and Reconstruction of Building Radar Footprints From Single VHR SAR Images
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