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2016 – 2017 IEEE NS2 PROJECTS

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Networking Projects

  • Opportunistic Routing With Congestion Diversity in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
  • Cluster-Based Routing for the Mobile Sink in Wireless Sensor Networks With Obstacles
  • Dynamic Cluster Head Selection Method for Wireless Sensor Network
  • A Fuzzy Logic-Based Clustering Algorithm for WSN to Extend the Network Lifetime
  • Network Selection and Channel Allocation for Spectrum Sharing in 5G Heterogeneous Networks
  • Mobile Demand Profiling for Cellular Cognitive Networking
  • Neighbor-Aided Spatial-Temporal Compressive Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Auction-Based Data Gathering Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation for Device-to-Device Communications Overlaying LTE Networks
  • ART An Attack-Resistant Trust Management Scheme for Securing Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
  • Energy-Efficient Localization and Tracking of Mobile Devices in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • An implementation of optimal dynamic load balancing based on multipath ip routing
  • Congestion aware load balancing for multiradio wireless mesh network
  • Load balanced clustering technique in manet using genetic algorithms
  • Load balancing based approach to improve lifetime of wireless sensor network