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About IEEE Java Projects

Welcome to the 1Crore Project Centre Chennai, your gateway to the future of technology and innovation. We are thrilled to present a unique opportunity for tech enthusiasts and students alike, offering a wide array of 2019-2020 IEEE Java projects in chennai. In today’s fast-paced world, staying at the forefront of technology is crucial, and our projects are designed to help you do just that. Whether you are a student looking to enhance your skills or a professional seeking to explore the latest trends in Java, our project center is your one-stop destination for cutting-edge solutions.

At 1Crore Project Centre Chennai, we understand the importance of hands-on experience. Our team of expert developers and mentors is dedicated to guiding you through every step of your project journey. With a focus on 2019-2020 IEEE Java projects in chennai, we offer a diverse range of topics, from artificial intelligence and machine learning to blockchain and cloud computing. Our projects are not just educational but also industry-relevant, giving you the practical knowledge and experience needed to excel in the competitive tech landscape.

Java is the protest situated, like C++ abnormal state programming dialect and engineering impart. Java was initially called OAK. 2020 2021 IEEE Java projects Question Oriented importance the ability to reuse code. Furthermore, it is stage autonomous i.e. we don’t need to create isolate applications for various stages. It is conceivable to build up a solitary application which can keep running on different stages like Windows, UNIX, and Macintosh frameworks. Java was intended for hand-held gadgets and set-top boxes.

Source code (documents with a .java expansion) of the Java program is changed over to Bytecode (records with a .class augmentation) by the java Compiler which thusly is changed over to machine code by java project centers in chennai Interpreter.Java mediators and runtime conditions, known as Java Virtual Machines (VMs). Bytecode can likewise be changed over specifically into machine dialect guidelines by an in the nick of time compiler

Cloud Computing

  • Optimizing Locality-Aware Memory Management of Key-Value Caches
  • Provably Secure Key-Aggregate Cryptosystems with Broadcast Aggregate Keys for Online Data Sharing on the Cloud
  • Correlation Modeling and Resource Optimization for Cloud Service with Fault Recovery
  • Achieving Privacy-friendly Storage and Secure Statistics for Smart Meter Data on Outsourced Clouds
  • Multimedia Processing Pricing Strategy in GPU-accelerated Cloud Computing
  • Quantitative Modeling and Analytical Calculation of Elasticity in Cloud Computing
  • Efficiently Translating Complex SQL Query to MapReduce Jobflow on Cloud

Information Forensics and Security

  • Deep Representation based feature extraction and recovering for Finger-vein verification
  • Preventing Distributed Denial-of-Service Flooding Attacks with Dynamic Path Identifiers
  • NetSpam: a Network-based Spam Detection Framework for Reviews in Online Social Media
  • Two-Cloud Secure Database for Numeric-Related SQL Range Queries with Privacy Preserving

Internet of Things

  •  Achieving Efficient and Secure Data Acquisition for Cloud-supported Internet of Things in Smart Grid
  •  Follow But No Track: Privacy Preserved Profile Publishing in Cyber-Physical Social Systems
  •  A Privacy-preserving Vehicular Crowdsensing based Road surface Condition Monitoring System Using Fog Computing

Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • EAAP: Efficient Anonymous Authentication With Conditional Privacy-Preserving Scheme for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
  • A Multi-Agent Advanced Traveler Information System for Optimal Trip Planning in a Co-Modal Framework

Parallel and Distributed Systems

  • Optimal Symbiosis and Fair Scheduling in Shared Cache
  • Enabling Efficient and Reliable Transition from Replication to Erasure Coding for Clustered File Systems
  • Binary-Tree Based Estimation of File Requests for Efficient Data Replication

Dependable and Secure Computing

  • MMBcloud -Tree: Authenticated Index for Verifiable Cloud Service Selection
  • Yes, Machine Learning Can Be More Secure! A Case Study on Android Malware Detection
  • On the Soundness and Security of Privacy-Preserving SVM for Outsourcing Data Classification
  • SADI: A Novel Model to Study the Propagation of Social Worms in Hierarchical Networks
  • A Scalable Approach to Joint Cyber Insurance and Security-as-a-Service Provisioning in Cloud Computing

Knowledge and Data Engineering

  • Majority Voting and Pairing with Multiple Noisy Labeling
  • Efficient Keyword-aware Representative Travel Route Recommendation
  • Detecting Stress Based on Social Interactions in Social Networks
  • Efficient Clue-based Route Search on Road Networks
  • Probabilistic Models For Ad Viewability Prediction On The Web
  • Large-scale Location Prediction for Web Pages
  • Modeling and Learning Distributed Word Representation with Metadata for Question Retrieval
  • Engagement dynamics and sensitivity analysis of YouTube videos
  • Confusion-matrix-based Kernel Logistic Regression for Imbalanced Data Classification

Services Computing

  • A Hybrid Bio-Inspired Algorithm for Scheduling and Resource Management in Cloud Environment
  • Resource renting for periodical cloud workflow applications
  • Transactional Behavior Verification in Business Process as a Service Configuration
  • A semi-automatic and trustworthy scheme for continuous cloud service certification

Sustainable Computing

  • Customer-Satisfaction-Aware Optimal Multiserver Configuration for Profit Maximization in Cloud Computing
  • A Belief Rule Based Expert System for Datacenter PUE Prediction under Uncertainty
  • Customer-Satisfaction-Aware Optimal Multiserver Configuration for Profit Maximization in Cloud Computing


  • An Efficient Cloud Market Mechanism for Computing Jobs With Soft Deadlines

Security & Privacy

  • Cloud Data Auditing Techniques with a Focus on Privacy and Security

Big Data

  • Service Rating Prediction by Exploring Social Mobile User’s Geographical Locations
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