Diploma Renewable Energy Project Titles

Renewable Energy

1. Zonal Mitigation of Power Quality Using FACTS Devices for Provision of Differentiated Quality of Electricity Supply in Networks With Renewable Generation

2. Reactive power performance analysis of dish-Stirling solar thermal diesel hybrid energy system

3. High-Efficiency Modules With Passivated Emitter and Rear Solar Cells-An Analysis of Electrical and Optical Losses

4. Novel Quasi-Decentralized SMC-Based Frequency and Voltage Stability Enhancement Strategies Using Valve Position Control and FACTS Device

5. Computationally Efficient Adjustment of FACTS Set Points in DC Optimal Power Flow With Shift Factor Structure

6. Data-Mining-Based Intelligent Differential Relaying for Transmission Lines Including UPFC and Wind Farms

7. Robust fuzzy-sliding mode based UPFC controller for transient stability analysis in autonomous wind-diesel-PV hybrid system

8. Application of Transformer-Less UPFC for Interconnecting Two Synchronous AC Grids With Large Phase Difference

9. Modulation and Control of Transformer-less UPFC

10. Bidirectional Power Flow Control in a DC Micro grid Through a Switched-Capacitor Cell Hybrid DC-DC Converter

11. Hybrid Power Flow Controller Steady-State Modeling, Control, and Practical Application

12. Varying phase angle control in isolated bidirectional DC-DC converter for integrating battery storage and solar PV system in standalone mode

13. Finite-control-set model predictive control scheme of three-phase four-leg back-to-back converter-fed induction motor drive

14. Multi-topology-Mode Grid-Connected Inverter to Improve Comprehensive Performance of Renewable Energy Source Generation System

15. Synchronous Flux Weakening Control With Flux Linkage Prediction for Doubly-Fed Wind Power Generation Systems

16. A Novel Contra-Rotating Power Split Transmission System for Wind Power Generation and Its Dual MPPT Control Strategy

17. Damping torque analysis of power systems with DFIGs for wind power generation

18. IGDT based robust optimal utilization of wind power generation using coordinated flexibility resources

19. Ride through strategy of quasi-Z- source wind power generation system under the asymmetrical grid voltage fault

20. Optimal reactive power dispatch: a review, and a new stochastic voltage stability constrained multi-objective model at the presence of uncertain wind power generation

21. Novel Power Smoothing and Generation Scheduling Strategies for a Hybrid Wind and Marine Current Turbine System

22. Low-Power Energy Generation Systems for Two-Phase PM Machine With Reduced-Switch-Count Controlled Switches