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MBA Application Project Titles

MBA Application Project Title List

  • Robotic Library Administration Design Methodologies.
  • Feedback Mechanisms in an Educational Organization with improved efficiency.
  • Automated Transportation Tracking Arrangement.
  • Travel Document Reservation and Generating Suggestion using Genetic & PSO Algorithm.
  • An Automated Scheme for Journal Broadcast.
  • Settlement Progression for the Retirement Employee.
  • Learning Resources and Online Assessment for educational intention.
  • Web Portal for School and College Organization.
  • Online Health Care Board Organism
  • Multiplex movie ticket reservation through online.
  • Online corporate job recruitment process.
  • Online shopping system.
  • Online leave application supervision classification.
  • Performs Encrypt and decrypts for On-line java compiler with security editor.
  • Customer Satisfactions for hospital Using MediTracker.
  • Intrusion Detection System over Abnormal Internet Sequence.
  • Retrieving and Storing Information for Infoware Services.
  • Global Communication Media is developing on the web.
  • Future banking solution for e-transaction interface.
  • Customer tender for E_Procurement System.
  • Data Mart Management Software Maintain Using Warehouse organization.
  • Cyber Shopping for web Structure.
  • E-Commerce solution for Speed Age.
  • Developing Fwd One India Card using Open-Source technology.
  • Real Estate Established on Web Business.
  • Optimization of Resource Provisioning Cost in Cloud Computing.
  • Practical Detection of Spammers and Content Promoters in Online Video Sharing Systems.
  • An Analytical Performance Modeling Approach for Supply Chain Networks.
  • A Hierarchical Attribute-Based Solution for Scalable Access Control in Cloud Computing.
  • A Secure Erasure Code-Based Cloud Storage System with Secure Data Forwarding.
  • E-Transaction Interface is the targeted for future banking solution.
  • Ezee Mail classification to provide a communication inside an organization between clients.
  • Fujji System is generated with the MVC architecture using Servlets, JSP.
  • Global Communication for an Organization.
  • An Investigation of the Impact of Consumer Feedback, Recommendation.
  • Performance Evaluation of Full Search Equivalent Pattern Matching Algorithms.
  • An Ontology-Based Text-Mining Method to Cluster Proposals for Research Project Selection.
  • Andhra Pradesh State Finance Corporation (APSFC).

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