Diploma IOT Project Titles

IOT Projects

1. IOT Based Fire Department Alerting System

2. IOT Solar Power Monitoring System

3. IOT Garbage Monitoring System

4. Energy Meter Monitoring Over IOT

5. IOT Based Person/Wheelchair Fall Detection

6. IOT Patient Health Monitoring Project

7. IOT Heart Attack Detection & Heart Rate Monitor

8. IOT Based Toll Booth Manager System

9. IOT Electronic Door Opener

10. IOT Liquid Level Monitoring System

11. IOT Weather Reporting System

12. IOT Air & Sound Pollution Monitoring System

13. PC Based Home Automation

14. Multi Microcontroller Networking System

15. Home Automation Using Touch Screen

16. Patient Health Check Using Wireless Health Monitor

17. IR Wireless Underwater Communication System

18. Zigbee Based Secure Wireless Communication Using AES

19. IOT Irrigation Monitoring & Controller System

20. Smart Wireless Battery Charging With Charge Monitor Project

21. GSM Patient Health Monitoring

22. Anti Drowning System With Remote Alert

23. Fully Automated Solar Grass Cutter

24. SMS Controlled Railway Level Gate Control With Programmable Numbers

25. Vehicle Theft Detection/Notification With Remote Engine Locking

26. Car Overspeeding Detection Project

27. MC Based Line Follower Robot

28. Robotic Vehicle With Metal Detection Project

29. Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robot Project

30. Remote Controlled Robotic Arm Using Rf