Chicken Trio Tray for $28 for the medium size (16”). 50 piece chicken is $40.00. Walmart Deli fried chicken is available in an 8-piece package. 48 pieces, 5 sides, 12 biscuits The larger the quantity of Walmart fried chicken purchased, the lower the price of each piece will be. Their menu also provides you tasty side dishes to go with your fried chicken. 4 ct. Fried Chicken. Eat as a group with your friends or family members as this can also be an opportunity to save more on the overall cost. Walmart’s Bakery and Walmart’s Deli menu is like no other. 4 ct. Fried Chicken. 96 ct. Shop similar items at Jewel-Osco. Party Packs come in 4 different sizes that can serve anywhere from 25 guests to more then 150 guests. These party packs will come with breasts, thighs, drumsticks and wings. Full restaurant menu with prices up-dated for 2020. . Here are some of the party packages and their corresponding costs: Please do note though that when ordering in bulk for your special occasion, you have to notify Walmart at least 24 hours ahead of time. buying discounted gift cards at, 50-piece Chicken Only (serves 20-25) – $27.74, 50-piece Party Pack with Sides (serves 20-25) – $39.48, 100-piece Chicken Only (serves 45-50) – $54.98. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Served with ranch dressing. Ask your family and friends about teaming up to purchase a 50- or 100-piece party pack … For 100 pieces of fried chicken, Walmart fried chicken prices starts at $60. As for bulk orders, refer to our table below to see what we were quoted. 4 ct. Fried Chicken. Get Party Pack delivered from national chains, local favorites, or new neighborhood restaurants, on Grubhub. Choose from a large selection of freshly made hot and cold appetizers, party-size … If not fried, We know Walmart already provides its customers with everyday low prices. 28 / 67g left. , which is good for about 20 to 25 persons. Walmart Catering also offers Kid Party Tray for children’s parties. Walmart Deli - Deep Fried Chicken Breast. 96 ct. Party Pack of Grilled Chicken. 35 % 36g Protein. 96 ct. Party Pack of Grilled Chicken. When using Walmart Catering services, customers have the option to ask for a Rain Check when an advertised item is out of stock at the Walmart store near them. Also, look out for occasional deli specials on fried chicken prices. Calorie Goal 1,527 cal. If you just wanted a piece of the chicken, it’ll cost $1 or lower, depending on the size. You can double your order at 100 pieces without the sides, and pay for the Walmart fried chicken cost that starts at $55. If you want to add sides to your meal,  this can range anywhere from $2 to $6, depending on the side items, but of course, this is optional. 100-pc. Related Products. Fried Chicken. Product Description. If I was to order any of the p Trays or chicken call the store because my store don’t do these prices. You can find more information about fried chicken options on the official Walmart website. fry those chicken legs for you in bunches. By 1972, Walmart was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The 50-piece Chicken Party Pack comes in two varieties: with sides and chicken only. About Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Amazon Affiliate Disclosure Copyright © 2020 | Proudly affiliated with the T2 Web Network, LLC The information contained on this website is intended as an educational aid only and is not intended as medical and/or legal advice. To order in bulk, either call your local store or use this downloadable form. Party Pack Fried Chicken. How Much Does California Fishing License Cost, How Much Does It Cost To Open A Grocery Store, How Much Does It Cost To Start a Daycare Center, How Much Would It Cost To Buy A Hot Air Balloon. Here are a comprehensive list and the corresponding prices: Walmart has become a great stop for eats and treats. If you are planning a party, Walmart can fry those chicken legs for you in bunches. Walmart became a public traded company, and sold stocks at $16.50 per share. Fried chicken is always nice to be paired with some side dishes. Each pack comes with Chicken, Sides, and biscuits. Had a customer just today disappointed when they seen you have a 100pc listed at 54.98$ and not all walmarts have a 50pc meal. Walmart will usually markdown prices of its chicken when still unsold after an allotted time. And it is not just about fried chickens but salads and rotisserie as well. Do note these prices can vary and may not be accurate at your local location. If you are looking for complete meals then look into ordering Popeyes Catering Party Packs. Here are other chicken products available at Walmart. If not fried,  it still has chicken varieties for you to enjoy. 4 ct. Fried Chicken. Church’s Chicken is a fast food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken. This option allows a shopper to purchase the item at the advertised price when it becomes available or purchase a similar item at the advertised rate or a comparable price reduction. Popular side items include mashed potatoes, macaroni, okra, green beans, cheese sticks, wings, popcorn shrimp and corn dogs. These consist of two dozens rolls plus two salads from these choices: macaroni, potato, coleslaw, or mustard potato. Fitness Goals : Heart Healthy. This gives the company enough time to prepare your order and you can have it freshly cooked and on time. This Walmart Deli brochure, for example, shows the Walmart Deli fried chicken prices for the different fried chicken packages: Walmart Catering notes the following prices for the chicken trio tray, which is a build-your-own tray option that includes up to three chicken favorites: crispy popcorn chicken, chicken tenders, and regular or boneless Buffalo wings. Fat 39g. Cooked fresh daily in your local store, Kroger fried chicken cost $7.99 for 8 pieces. It has gone from 75$ to 80$ And the 50pc at 40$. Check with your local Walmart Deli Department to speak with an associate for more details. Walmart’s bakery and deli sections offer great prices and good food. You can use the Walmart Grocery App and start shopping now. Last night I went to Wal mart to grab some mixers and stuff and picked up a bucket of chicken because it was priced at 3.50. 50 Deals and promos available. If not fried, it still ha s chicken varieties for you to enjoy. Walmart deli fried chicken prices are determined by the number of pieces that need to be purchased. For larger quantities, however, chicken party packs are offered and are available in 50-piece and 100-piece options. Options include crispy popcorn chicken, chicken tenders, and regular or boneless Buffalo wings. With 51 stores, Walmart was earning a record sale of $78 million. Walmart has positioned itself as the world’s biggest company in terms of revenue and is considered the largest retailer in the world. On average, the costs can range from as little as $7 for an eight-piece meal to as much as $55 for a 100 piece pack of fried chicken only. Sometimes, even half the price. If you are having an event and you are on a tight budget, Walmart catering prices are hard to beat! If you are planning a party, Walmart can fry those chicken legs for you in bunches. Meals, lunch, dinner, ... Chicken Trio Tray Medium 16″ $28.00: Chicken Trio Tray Large 18″ $44.00: Kids Party … Fried Chicken. We know Walmart already provides its customers with everyday low prices and its fried chicken is definitely more affordable than the ones you buy elsewhere. Now I see it for $45. Benton Wal Mart Deli charged me $ 75.00. 16" Medium serves 8-12 Select items available at Walmart Neighborhood Market. Party Packs. The price listed for 100 pc fried chicken $54.98. As explained on the said website, you’d likely pay less for each piece of fried chicken if you order in bulk. The 100-piece Chicken Only party pack serves 45 to 50 and includes 25 pieces of the following: breasts, thighs, legs, and wings. Free Shipping on Eligible Items Serving Size : 1 breast (4oz) 473 Cal. According to, the average Walmart fried chicken prices range from $0.60 to $1 a piece.One of the factors that affect the exact cost is the quantity you want to order. Pick 1, 2, or 3 chicken favorites. A 50-piece fried chicken party pack costs around $40. And any age. Not all Walmarts go by this price guide for fried chicken, I have worked the deli for 3 years and the 100pc chicken has never been as you have it listed on your site. Also I used to work at KFC when I was a teenager and though I always kinda likes their fried chicken, I never really thought it was up to hype. It is considered the fourth largest chicken restaurant chain behind KFC, Popeye’s and Chick-fil-A. Shop Howard's Crispy Fried Chicken Skins - Chicharrones de Pollo, 1.5oz, Pack of 4 and other Snack Foods at Obviously, the number of pieces of fried chicken you buy effectively reduces the price per piece. Good thing, Walmart offers a good variety. Your order consists of 12 breasts, 12 thighs, 13 legs, and 13 wings already! KROGER FRIED CHICKEN PRICES. The chicken bucket, which includes two pounds of chicken wings or chicken tenders and one pound of potato wedges, retails for $10.99. At present, the average Walmart fried chicken prices can vary from as little as about $0.60 a piece to more than $1.00 per piece – depending on how many you purchase at once. Since, as mentioned, the more pieces you buy, the lesser the price per piece it would be; chipping in individually but ordering and paying as one will save you some dollars. Walmart catering menu mainly consists of finger foods, deli/cheese trays, and sandwiches. 5 % 5g Carbs. Consider buying discounted gift cards at before going to your local Walmart or even purchasing online. If you want a new kind of fried chicken experience in place of your usual fast food store dine ins and take-outs, you should try Walmart’s version. A 50-piece fried chicken party pack costs around. In the 1980s, Walmart continued in its road to success. The cost of Walmart deli chicken will greatly depend on the amount you need. 61 % 28g Fat. Chicken Trio can consist of either boneless or regular Buffalo wings, chicken tenders, and crispy popcorn chicken, depending on your preference. The prices on this site is not right. The Chicken Only set serves 20 to 25 and includes 12 breasts, 12 thighs, 13 legs, and 13 wings. The right trays for any party. Choose a convenient pickup or delivery time and we’ll do the shopping for you. On the other hand, a single plate meal of one entrée and one side dish costs $3.98. 100 piece is $75.00. Thank you. I would like to order it from Walmart rather than a competition. This is available in 16” (for 15-20 persons) at $28 and 18” (for 20-25 persons) for $44. Maybe a firelog scented like fried chicken might do ... GLAAD's Happiest Season Watch Party. Kids Party Tray Medium 16 is also available for $24.00. Average Walmart Fried Chicken Prices. Order online, and get Party Pack delivered, fast. 40 oz. When buying Walmart fried chicken in large quantities, it is recommended that the pieces of leftover chicken be refrigerated to preserve their freshness for the next meal. Watch and see if the Walmart Deli Fried Chicken passes my taste and value test! Food Categories In the Walmart Deli, you can shop according to several categories: Party Trays – Preparing for a big party is no longer as daunting with the Walmart Deli, because you can find a selection of crowd-pleasing deli platters and hot appetizers that will suit all of your needs. 75 - $43.50 $ 43 . With made-to-order options, Walmart catering is a viable option for those looking to do catering on a budget. Sodium 2,142g. Walmart deli fried chicken prices are determined by the number of pieces that need to be purchased. Walmart rotisserie chicken prices are cheap enough for even a college student to have a delicious meal. Party Trays & Subs Order Form Small 12" Med. The 50-piece Chicken Party Pack with Sides serves 20 to 25 people and includes 2 dozen rolls and 2 of the following salads: potato, mustard potato, macaroni or coleslaw (4 pounds each). 40 oz. For example, if you purchase an 8-piece pack of chicken, you may pay as much as $10 to $12 for the pack … Here are some of the party packages and their corresponding costs: Flavored Wing Tray of 12 inches (small) costs $24, 16 inches (medium) costs $32, and 18 inches (large) costs $38.