All that is why Pulse is the #1 bestselling all-natural pre-workout in the world, with thousands of five-star reviews from raving fans. As you already know, Legion Pulse is a pre-workout supplement. However, if it’s your first time to use the Legion Pulse, try to monitor your tolerance. of water before working out. The ingredients list isn’t really missing anything — it’s even way higher in electrolytes than its competitors. So, if you want to feel focused, tireless, and powerful in your workouts . Legion Pulse pre-workout supplements are designed to support your physical activities by more than just increasing your energy and strength. The caffeine, of course, reduces fatigue and can also increase power output, focus, and endurance. This Legion Pulse Pre Workout review looks into this supplement’s premium ingredients, benefits, and more. Based on personal experience, Pulse is not a do-without for me. Not only does it include a superior blend of premium ingredients, but it also comes with all-natural flavors and sweeteners. To avoid all side effects, Legion Pulse does not contain arginine, which is a synthetic booster of nitric oxide production in the body. This time, the company has rolled out a 100%-natural pre workout formula. Thanks to proper dosage, you obtain performance benefits while steering clear from unwanted side effects. The addition of beta-alanine, despite at a moderate dose, may still cause tingling for some. The main ingredients in Legion Athletics Pulse Workout Supplement are citrulline and theanine, which increase your nitric oxide production and push you harder to get through the tough workouts. There’s also 4.8 g of beta-alanine, 8 g of l-citrulline DL-malate, 2 g of taurine, 250 mg of theanine, 2.5 g of betaine, and 2.2 g of l-ornithine HCL. But first, we look into its features that will motivate you to train harder and beat your personal best. Simply one scoop or two (two scoops are a single serving, one scoop is only half) with 8 to 10 oz. Legion Pulse is a pre-workout supplement that helps ensure your blood is flowing and your mind is focused during every workout. I have used Legion Pulse and Pre-Jym. It’s highly versatile for training sessions of different intensities so I’m recommending the Legion Pulse Pre Workout formula to newbies and longtime fitness enthusiasts alike. So, if you want to feel focused, tireless, and powerful in your workouts . I’ll discuss the effects of these ingredients in the next section. It contains 350 mg of L-theanine per serving. What sets the Legion Pulse apart from many pre workout formulas is that it only contains natural ingredients, which effectively work. Its been carefully blended so you won’t experience any uneasiness as you complete your training session. This formula also provides sustained energy that won’t go out while you’re in the middle of your set. From improved PRs to heavier weights, this supplement contains natural substances that will improve your endurance and performance. You can only expect a smooth energy curve plus an improvement in your mood and focus, nothing less. Recommended caffeine dosage differs depending on body weight, but is typically around 200 to 400 mg. One serving has two scoops and has 5 calories and 350 milligrams of caffeine, about as much as you’ll find in 3.5 cups of coffee. Pulse is a naturally sweetened and flavored pre workout supplement that contains large and effective doses of the best science-backed … A mind-and-muscle connection is crucial to any workout, whether it be quick reps or giant sets. Hi, I’m David and I believe absolutely anyone can achieve the body of their dreams. There’s no bitter aftertaste like with other pre workouts. A pre workout supplement with strong, clinically effective doses — and a two-scoop serving so you can keep things mild if you prefer. The best thing about this caffeine dosage is that it still has remarkable effects even if you have a high tolerance. Join the BarBend Newsletter for workouts, diets, breaking news and more. All in all, looking at some of these excellent ingredients contained in the Legion Pulse Pre-Workout powder, many of them are dosed in high amounts. 8 g Citrulline Malate which works a lot like L-Arginine but it’s better absorbed and has been … The best pre-workout supplements can maximize the efficiency … In this Legion Pulse Pre Workout review, we’ll check out these ingredients further along with their dosages and whether they measure up well to the brand’s claims and their competitors. However, the Legion Pulse Pre Workout has much higher doses in many of its ingredients compared to standard doses per serving in other formulas. Aside from the ingredients, we also look into how effective these components are, especially considering their dosages. It comes in Fruit Punch, Grape, Green Apple, and Watermelon flavors, but we decided to take Blue Raspberry for a spin. This way, you can decide for yourself if the Legion Pulse is a suitable supplement for you. . Legion Pulse (good for bodybuilding) Legion Pulse is perhaps the single most powerful pre workout supplement when it comes to nitric oxide boosting specifically. Supplement company Legion is founded by fitness blogger Mike Mathews. If taken in adequate amounts, this addition of betaine may help increase your power output and increase your endurance so you can power through longer training sessions, from weight training to bodyweight exercises and everything in between. Be sure to stay well hydrated as you train with the Legion Pulse. The natural flavors are not overpowering at all. In turn, the Legion Pulse may help you increase your power out while delaying the onset of fatigue. The caffeine dosage on the supplement is strong enough to give you stronger reactions through nerve impulsesduring workout. And my absolute preferred preworkout is buying stuff in bulk and making a smoothie with it. Any pre-workout supplement worth anything will improve your energy and endurance levels, help boost strength as well as reduce fatigue. The standard dose is at 1.6 g, but many studies have shown that beta-alanine is highly effective when dosed at 4 to 6 g. Given the 3.6 g of beta-alanine in Pulse, it is a decent amount to enjoy some effects on your endurance. Legion recommends to just add the amount of water you’re using. When I mixed one scoop with a cup of water there was a very, very slightly bitter aftertaste when I was taking a big gulp, but when sipping it I didn’t have a problem. author of the best-selling fitness book, Bigger, Leaner, Stronger. It’s enough to help increase nitric oxide production and improve your blood flow. Simply one scoop or two (two scoops are a single serving, one scoop is only half) with 8 to 10 oz. This is the most widely recognized effect of beta-alanine. Many pre workouts cost less than $1 per serving. Certain ingredients like the betaine and Alpha-GPC could do better with a higher amount instead of being at a minimum dosage. There’s only one real downside to including so much of it: beta alanine tends to produce a tingly, itchy feeling on the skin. You can pick up a tub of 21 servings for about $40. Legion Pulse Pre-workout The formulation of this pre-workout supplement is research-based. Its main ingredients include citrulline malate, beta-alanine, betaine, and ornithine. In turn, when you take in caffeine and theanine together, you still get more energized and focused but without the jitters and crash attributed to too much caffeine. Rather than leaving you to feel burned out some moments after consuming it, Legion has formulated this drink to keep you energized from start to finish. It's formulated and manufactured in the USA by international fitness author Mike Matthews who has a passion for formulating supplements and actually walks the walk, as he is in very respectable shape. Related Article – Our Complete Legion Recharge Post Workout Review. THE LEGION PROMISE: ZERO WORTHLESS FILLERS - ONLY POWERFUL INGREDIENTS BACKED BY SCIENCE – 100% PURE. For this reason, this supplement is light on stimulants. Thanks to a light amount of stimulants plus 100% natural ingredients, Legion assures you won’t get an upset stomach when you work out. That’s a really high dose especially if you compare it to certain sports drinks. This includes things like how pure the ingredients are and if they are accurate in each bottle of Legion Pulse. Want to power through your training sessions with great energy and mental focus? This compound will move water into your muscles, thus keeping them active. Legion pulse combines the benefits of caffeine with an equally dosed bolus of l-theanine to smooth out jitters and prevent the familiar end-of-workout crash. Pulse is made with only the finest ingredients nature has to offer THE MAN BEHIND THE BRAND Mike Matthews is an International Best Selling fitness author, and the founder of Legion Athletics. 6g L-Citrulline. First-Ever Rogue Challenge: 50 Biking Calories for Time, This Bed Transforms Into a Space-Saving Home Gym, David Prowse, Star Wars’ Darth Vader and Champion Weightlifter, Dies At 85, 7 Bodybuilders to Watch At the 2020 Olympia 212 Pound Showdown, Powerlifter Heather Connor Deadlifts 192.5kg (424 Pounds) At Bodyweight of 44.5kg (99 Pounds), The Best Barbells For Training, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and More, The 12 Best Creatine Supplements on the Market, May be too high in caffeine for some people, May be too high in beta alanine for some people. The supplement comes in caffeine and caffeine-free variants, which may be … All of these contribute to creating an environment that’s helpful for a quick, effective recovery. Now when you’re engaged in intense exercises, your pH levels can drop while acidity increases. Use code "BARBEND" for 20% off! Legion Pulse Pre Workout Review. Its blend is also expected to help you push your limits.