This especially applies if you have a ton of data to present (which is sometimes unavoidable) because bar chart after bar chart is going to put your audience to sleep. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you love these color choices but are a little confused at how to do that yourself, check out our list of tips on how to pick colors for your PowerPoint presentation. My recommendation would be to go with a monochromatic color scheme in PowerPoint. If you are unable to find the perfect free image, I recommend checking out Dreamstime. It may sometimes do neither. While it is important to identify patterns in the data and provide an adequate explanation for the pattern, it is equally important sometimes to highlight the outliers prominently. We don’t! A good way to overcome this challenge is to get a fresh perspective on your project and the presentation once it has been prepared. how to present data effectively in powerpoint, how to present numbers in an interesting way, how to present qualitative data in powerpoint, this article about how to overlay text on an image, how to pick colors for your PowerPoint presentation, previous post: 11 Foolproof Steps to Creating an Amazing Presentation [Infographic], next post: I’m Lea, Host of the Present Beyond Measure Podcast, and This is How I Work. When presenting data, my recommendation would be that graphs and charts should be your first preference. of data. Once you’ve established the objective, the next thing that you may want to do is perhaps share the key parameters considered for the success of your project. A Comprehensive Guide! Is it affordable? So, use images and videos of the actual research wherever possible. Consider the following example – eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'artofpresentations_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_3',117,'0','0'])); This slide could have been created just as easily using bullet points. In fact, all our presentation templates are designed to let you use as few words as possible to present your idea. On top of being relevant, it has to be high quality, with enough white space to write on, and not too busy to distract from the information. They have a huge library of images and are much cheaper than most of the other image banks. Do note, when using pseudonyms, remember to highlight it in the presentation. Once you’ve taken the audience through the core part of your research findings, it is a good practice to summarize the key learnings from each of the section of your project. • Whether simple or complex, there are certain general principles which should be borne in mind in designing tables: – The tables should be numbered e.g. If, however, you do need to use the name of the respondent, make sure that the participant is okay with it and you have adequate permissions to use their name. That said, not every outlier will reveal hidden information. Share them in the comments below. Let’s go through some slides examples from their survey presentation and discuss what they did right! The structure of your Research Presentation not only makes it easier for you to create the document, it also makes it simple for the audience to understand what all will be covered in the presentation at the time of presenting it to your audience. We know the phrase “think outside the box” is an overused buzz word but you really should be thinking outside the box and having fun with presenting your data. The background image helps a lot because it relates to their biggest finding, so it is relevant and creates interest. Thus, refrain from using the name of the participant. After all, we don’t want to be in a situation wherein we put in all the hard-work in the project, but we fail to deliver the outcome appropriately. Tools to Collect and Present Data Data can be presented in different formats that include tables, graphs, narratives. It looks great to have the text with the number highlighted by being a bit bigger. However, ensure that the data presented can be easily comprehended. This can be done by maintaining confidentiality and anonymity. • A table can be simple or complex, depending upon the number or measurement of single set or multiple sets of items. When using quotes in your presentation, make sure that you use them in their raw unedited form. We definitely do not mean simple in the way that we refer to the PowerPoint default charts here. When using quotes, keep these things in mind –. But, how does one present qualitative research findings using PowerPoint? Qualitative data can extend beyond SWOT analysis. Fundamentally, both qualitative and quantitative data analysis revolve around summarising, describing, and analysing masses of data (Lacey & Luff, 2007; Schurink, Fouche, & De Vos, 2013).