Rainbow Fluorite Properties and Meaning. Fluorite Meaning and Properties. Fluorite Bracelet. Fluorite crystal is a highly protective and stabilizing stone, useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy. Some of Fluorite properties are very similar to the clear quartz crystal healing properties. In addition, many also regard fluorite as the stone of wisdom and truth. Used to alleviate pain when placed directly on an affected area, Fluorite gently removes the discomfort. Related products . Rainbow Fluorite wards off negative energy with its soothing vibrations, and helps to keep your aura shining brightly. It is a beautiful stone that is sought in glass brightness and rich colors. Purple Fluorite Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties. The meaning of the name of this stone comes from the Latin word "fluere" which means "to flow" as it was originally used hundreds of years ago as flux, and its flowing action was of value to workers. Fluorite rainbow, green, purple, blue stone mineral meaning properties, also called fluorspar, is the mineral form of calcium fluoride, CaF2. This harmonizing stone is great for stabilizing your mind and body especially during chaotic times. Fluorite is allochromatic, meaning that it can be tinted with elemental impurities. Read more. Fluorine absorbs negative effects from the environment and is effective in cleaning uric and chakra. Fluorite may be used with other stone to help open the path to allow the additional stones to be more effective. Fluorite is a stone known for clarity and mental enhancement. Fluorite is synonymous with fluorspar and goes back to use as a flux in metalworking. Pink – Magenta Fluorite Properties and Meaning. Rainbow Fluorite is a member of the Halides family. The mineral make-up of this stone is calcium fluoride. There are many meanings behind the Fluorite Stone. What Is The Meaning Of Fluorite Crystal? It eliminates negative energies and boosts the focus and peacefulness instead. Fluorite is transparent in most cases. Read more about Rainbow Fluorite healing properties, with galleries and desktop image! It’s a powerful crystal with high energy, which assists in both spiritual and mystical growth. First, there are the colors: green, purple, blue, yellow, often found in beautiful banded formations. He is also said to have healing powers. The brightening Fluorite Jewelry is good for our lives as it add zest and meaning to our lives. Fluorite –if this stone has appeared into your life, it can be a sign that it is a time for a main emotional revamp. There were a few main types available including a Fluorite pyramid, Fluorite points, Fluorite eggs, Fluorite slices, Fluorite cluster and some beautiful Fluorite hearts. If you can relate to or if you aspire to any of the following, Fluorite can benefit you: You feel scatter-brained; You have deadlines to meet; You want a concentration stone for work; You are mesmerized by Fluorite's colors and patterns; You want to calm your nerves; What is Fluorite? Fluorite Mineral & Gemstone Information. It also possesses excellent energy that assists spiritual and psychic growth, and if you’re advancing your own gifts and making them a spiritual medium, this is a commanding stone to support the process. Ever since then, I knew I had to get them. It can also have flecks of Pyrite inside. Now I have a Fluorite crystal pyramid sitting on my office desk. The most commonly recognized fluorite color is a purple-blue mix but it is also found in blue, green, red and yellow colors. Every color of the rainbow in various shades is represented by fluorite samples, along with white, black, and clear crystals. Fluorite Meaning. Purple Fluorite is a stone of protection, thought to become more protective the longer it is used, and is an ideal “Dream Crystal,” defending one from evil spirits and bad dreams. Mostly Cuban or eight-faced ones are offered for sale. Add to Wishlist. Fluorite is still something of a mystery which is why it's so revered. As the name suggests, it comes in a rainbow of colors! Metaphysical Properties, Uses, Healing Powers & Meaning of Fluorite Gemstone for Universal Consciousness Fluorite is a powerful gemstone that surrounds you with protective power and spurs you into a form of Universal consciousness. Fluorite Stone Meaning and Use - Fluorite boosts the immune system and stimulates the regeneration and restructuring of cells and DNA, particularly in the skin … How To Use Fluorite Worry Stone? Fluorite meanings and uses for Fluorite? When the confusion clouds the mind, rediscovering the path through happiness with an overall detox with the use of this stone, the spiritual vacuum cleaner for dirt in the head. It helps to protect against disease and maintain balance. Clear Fluorite is s symbolic representation of a clear mind, one that has been freed from distractions and disruptions to one’s spiritual journey. The Fluorite Crystal's Full Description of it's Meaning, Origin, and Healing Properties All in One Place. Fluorite is a powerful gemstone that surrounds you with protective power and spurs you into a form of Universal consciousness. It is an excellent stone for people of all ages, but especially for students and those still in school. Double Stack Turquoise Earrings $ 45.00. Fluorite Worry Stone Meaning. The fluorite is one of the most popular stones – thanks to its color variations and the various crystal forms. Fluorite as a Gemstone About the Stone. Fluorite Properties, Meanings, Powers & Uses. One glance and you may be smitten, but it's also a stone that seems to change every time you look at it. It promotes spiritual and psychic development, protection, and brings inner peace. Read more about Pink Fluorite healing properties information and view the beautiful photo galleries below. Each species of the crystal can have its own unique meaning. While proper placement, Fluorite could be used to clean and purify negative energy such as depression, stress, and confusion, then increase self-confidence and the ability to focus and concentrate. Fluorite comes in a wide range of colors and has consequently been dubbed "the most colorful mineral in the world". It comes in crystalline Cluster form, with color ranging from light pink to magenta. It is theorized to be dragged out in a diverse range of colors mainly in purple or purplish-red, navy blue as well as in yellow. Fluorite Crystal Guide . With this gemstone you will feel activation of your supernatural DNA and have a tremendous pulse of paranormal energy. In the 16th century Agricola, a German scientist named it fluorspar from the German “flusse” (stream, river) and “spar” from “spærstān” (spear stone) a mineral similar to gypsum referring to its crystal projections. The word fluorite is derived from the Latin verb fluere, meaning to flow. Fluorite Stone Meanings Can you benefit from Fluorite? Worry stones have long been used by ancient Greeks to get rid of worries and help with decision making. Pink Fluorite is a member of the Halides family. Properties Fluoride Stone Fluorite Stone is like a flower bouquet with dazzling colors. A softer stone, Fluorite is a real showstopper thanks to its ability to grow in a dazzling array of shades and patterns. Physical Energy Properties: Rainbow Fluorite is good for the ears, eyes, nose and throat. Meaning. It is also said that he has something of all the gems in him. The mineral is used as a flux in iron smelting to decrease the viscosity of slags. When considering the meaning of Fluorite, it is best to appraise the varieties individually. Fluorite derives from the Latin word “fluor” or “fluere”, meaning to flow because when melted it is used as a flux in iron smelting. Carry a healing stone, in the form of a jewel (pendant, bracelet, necklace), or simply carry the healing stone in your pocket (opt for a rolled stone, with rounded and soft shape), A chakra balancing session during which you are lying for around 15 to 20 minutes in a quiet place (phone in silent mode). Fluorite optics are also usable in the far-ultraviolet and mid-infrared ranges, where conventional glasses are too absorbent for use. Being a combination of different colors, this gemstone is said to have a blend of energies that help the wearer to organise different aspects for life. Natural fluorite worry stone or thumb stone represents clarity and wisdom. In addition, the positive meaning of fluorite makes it a great new job gift or moving gift idea. Some fluorite has the property of fluorescence, meaning that it can emit light if exposed to ultraviolet light. Cherry Chain Garnet Earrings $ 45.00. It radiates a marvelous energy throughout the light body relieving stress, spiritual discomfort, and physical blockages. Its ability to assist the clearing of negative energy and aiding in decision-making has made this a favorable stone to work with. Because of its high vibrancy, fluorite is excellent for communication and connection with yourself and others as well. Fluorite is a protective and balanced stone. Working with this stone … It glows in purple when you are exposed to light to display It has an equal sized crystal structure. Fluorite comes in a rainbow of colors and can be translucent to transparent. Yellow Fluorite removes toxins from the body and lowers cholesterol, an ideal stone for treating the liver. Read more . Fluorite improves mental capabilities, assists in organizing and processing information quickly, and can bring mental clarity and stability to another chaotic state. Fluorite Meanings, Zodiacs, Planets, Elements, Colors, Chakras, and more. Blue John often contemplated as Fluorite is known to be elicited from the Derbyshire region of England. Rainbow Fluorite meaning is deeply associated with its physical as well as metaphysical attributes. If you are confused and distracted by too many ideas, or worries about the future, fluorite will put your mental mess in order, enabling you to focus on what really matters. It gives you the structure you need to reorganize a scattered mind. The meaning of rainbow fluorite usually comes from its unique fluorescent light that brings in different colors in light. Fluorite represents protective and grounding energy. Natural fluorite stones for sale in a variety of shapes & sizes. Fluorite Gemstone Meaning Fluorite clears and clarifies mental clutter. With this gemstone you will feel activation of your supernatural DNA and have a tremendous pulse of paranormal energy. Posted by Padre on June 27, 2018 Given the sheer beauty of many crystals and gems, you may be surprised or even taken aback by the captivating colors of the fluorite crystal.In this article, we will explore some of the various meanings that this crystal possesses. Fluorite Meaning & Colors. But fluorite also shows fluorescence (and yes, it is the source of that word) under ultraviolet light, and, in some forms, with heating. Fluorite may can be used as a stone for meditation to assist in energizing the body and raising one’s powers of concentration. Fluorite sits at a 4 on the Mohs Scale, which is very soft. This means it glows under a black light. It is transparent to translucent with a vitreous luster, and crystallizes in well-formed isometric cubes, nodules, clusters, or in massive form. Yttrium fluorite –a rare stone, which is also known as the lavender fluorite. Add to Wishlist "Stone of Discernment & Aptitude" ~ S ~ ˈflu̇r-ˌīt, Fluorite belongs to the spar family, as all other members of the family, Fluorite may be separated into flakes. If you feel you have benefited in any way by the Gemstone & Crystal Healing Properties on this website, please consider making a donation, or investment, into keeping that information alive for your future use and for the use of others. Pure fluorite is actually white or colorless, but trace minerals give it many colors. Only tourmaline shows more color variation. Fluorite, once called the “home of the rainbow,” is a stone of amazing variety. Fluorite is composed of calcium fluoride and is a member of the Halide family.