It is therefore typically combined with other wood types to create a plywood that is both rigid and durable. Voluntary Product Stan-dard PS 1–07 for construction and industrial plywood (NIST 2007) and Performance Standard PS 2–04 for wood-based structural-use panels (NIST 2004) spell out the ground rules for manufacturing plywood and establishing plywood or What are the Medical Uses of Pseudolarix Amabilis? OSB currently leads the market as a sheathing and sub-flooring material. Each side of a sheet of plywood can have a different grade — with A being the highest quality, and D being the lowest. All rights reserved. Plywood Sheathing. Check Other Stores closed. What are the Advantages of Engineered Wood Flooring? Cross-graining then provides consistent strength in all directions, improved dimensional stability, and a reduced tendency for the wood to split, expand, or shrink. To be considered fir plywood, at least a portion of the plies must come from a fir tree. Wikibuy Review: A Free Tool That Saves You Time and Money, 15 Creative Ways to Save Money That Actually Work. Add to cart. We'll give you the tools to excel. Find Plywood sheathing Douglas fir plywood at Lowe's today. Meeting your sheathing needs Whatever your sheathing needs, we have a product that meets your quality needs and … Fir plywood is often used inside homes and for sheathing during home construction. 1-1/8 Cat Ps1-09 Tongue and Groove Douglas Fir Underlayment, Application as 4 x 8. ★ SHEATHING Structural superiority, insulating and wind-proofing properties, plus demon- strated economy have established Douglas fir plywood as a preferred material for sheathing. Every piece meets the highest grading standards Every piece meets the highest grading standards for strength and appearance. D Side is knots and knotholes to 2-1/2" Item Carried At These Store Locations. Douglas Fir Plywood [DFP] is a one piece rotary cut clear face veneer which gives it a wild and pronounce grain. Adhesive and technology improvements eventually led to the manufacture of structural plywood from Southern pine and other species, and in 1964 the Association changed its name to American Plywood Association (APA) to reflect the national scope of … C Side is tight knots to 1-1/2". Douglas Fir plywood is cut and milled in the Pacific Northwest. Douglas Fir plywood sheathing, 4 Ply; Face: A layer of western softwood (typically Douglas Fir) veneer that has not been factory sanded. Otherwise known as medium density overlay panel, or MOD panels, overlay plywood is a paintable surface made of plywood that’s treated with a weather-resistant resin overlay that’s bonded directly to the plywood by heat and pressure. There are between 48 and 55 distinct species of firs, including Abies balsamea, which is the Balsam fir, and Abies braseri, the Fraser fir. cs45-36 plywood;douglasfir ja,n91937 u.s.departmentofcommerce danielc.roper,secretary nationalbureauofstandards lymanj.briggs,director douglasfirplywood (domesticgrades) (secondedition) commercialstandardcs45~s6 arecordedstandardoftheindustry Unlike plywood, OSB board is made of layers of shredded wood strips, though it shares many of the same strength properties. DFP is produced to the manufacturing standard CSA O121 Douglas fir plywood, where front and back faces are Douglas Fir. It also meets or surpasses building code requirements for fire safety, strength, and sound transmission. While SYP plywood is extremely soft, it’s also quite strong and durable, with a beautiful yellow exterior, making it great for a wide range of construction projects. The exact colour depends on the season it is harvested. APA was founded in 1933 as the Douglas Fir Plywood Association to advance the interests of the burgeoning Pacific Northwest plywood industry. Manufactured with C grade veneer on face, D grade veneer on back. Kelly-Fradet Lumber is your source for 1/2" 4' x 8' 4-PLY CDX DOUGLAS FIR 4-PLY PLYWOOD and anything else you need for your next home improvement project. Industry consolidation has contributed to increased competitiveness in the marketplace, resulting in an increased need for strong relationships on both the supply side and customer side. Rated for both interior and exterior use, Douglas fir plywood is strong, stiff, and sturdy, and it is less susceptible to warping than SYP plywood, though it is harder than the average softwood, so it can be a bit rough on power tool bits and blades. Get Pricing and Availability. If you’re in the market for plywood or oriented strand board for a manufacturing or construction project, American International Forest Products has you covered. Sanded plywood is a structural plywood panel that has been sanded smooth on both the back and face plies during manufacturing. CDX Plywood is also versatile and is excellent for utility jobsite needs such as temporary steps, ramps or bridges. Plywood can vary in many different ways. That said, plywood reacts much better to moisture, making it a better choice in regions where the panels are more likely to encounter rain, snow, and ice. They are easy to transport, lightweight and priced right - everything you need to get a job done quickly. It’s also a popular choice for sustainable builders, as OSB boards are made from small trees that grow quickly on tree farms, rather than being cut from forests. For this reason, other woods, such as Meranti or Okume, are often favored over fir in boat building. © Copyright 2015, Hyster Theme. Like all plywood, sanded plywood’s cross-graining construction means it’s quite strong, impact-resistant, and has superior dimensional stability. QTY. In today’s blog, our lumber experts will be covering what you need to know about SYP plywood, Douglas fir plywood, and oriented strand board. What are the Different Types of Fir Trees. These strength values can also be used safely for plywood grades of higher quality. This often leads to plywoods with fir centers, or cores, covered in birch or another wood, but which are still known as fir plywood. All rights reserved. Available in 1220 mm x 2440 mm and 610 mm x 2440 mm in 9.5 mm to 28.5 mm thickness. ... CDX DOUGLAS FIR PLYWOOD quantity. x 48 in. It is also mainly meant for indoor use, as fir lacks any insect or disease resistant properties once it has been hewed. Item Description (44) A sheathing or structural covering over exterior studding, rafters or subfloor under an underlayment. CDX DOUGLAS FIR PLYWOOD quantity. fir plywood to be 40% more rigid than conventional materials. Some products may be special order. This configuration is called cross-graining, and it’s important because the sheets of veneer are incredibly strong along the grain and very weak across the grain.