The next thing everyone does is roll their dice and place them on their player mat. Waste is checked – again if the colony is filthy it affects morale. Dead of Winter Review: Making Survival Matter. Their goal is to make the colony fail by losing all of its morale. Players take control of survivors in this world, struggling to live in this new world. Every round you’ll roll dice equal to the number of players +1. The main objective is checked to see if it has been completed. Luckily, he died saving Sir Stephen Clarendon, and this gentleman is now going to take Michael in. Each player will control a small group of survivors loyal to themselves first and the colony second. Crossroads cards add highly-thematic mini-events throughout the game. The thing is heavy and for good reason. With all the things players have to do to survive in Dead of Winter, it feels like you need to get just the right combination of pieces to solve the puzzle, but in fact it’s more of an hour or two of frantic reactions to an ever-escalating series of disastrous events, and a bit of bad luck can mean game over. Dead of Winter uses cardboard cutouts on stands for zombie and player tokens. True tales of murder featuring first-person interviews with family and investigators. All players are also randomly given 5 cards from the starter items deck to get them started. If your survivors are kicking ass and go above and beyond the requirements, they might receive a reward. A player (and all their characters) can be exiled from the colony if there is a unanimous vote amongst the other players. If not, you better bundle up and head back out into town. When dealing out hidden objectives there’s less than a 50% chance that 1 player will have the traitor objective. Billed as a “meta-cooperative psychological survival game,” Dead of Winter sees your intrepid group of two to five friends taking on the role of survivors in a makeshift colony after the dead … All the players together are in one big colony trying to survive together. The Crossroad cards add thematic flare to the game. The weather has begun to cool down, days are getting shorter and the final leaves are beginning to drop from the trees. Dead of Winter has a high replay value with a bunch of objective cards included in the core game with play times clearly marked so you can choose whether you want a quick game or a marathon like campaign. Dead of Winter is the first game in Plaid Hat Games’ Crossroads Series, which now also features Dead of Winter expandalone game, The Long Night. At the end of the round if you fulfill all of the criteria for the main objective, the game ends and you can then reveal your hidden objectives to see who wins. Some of the characters can be a little silly, but having options to choose from does add a lot to replayability. The generator is barely keeping the bitter cold at bay, and… What’s that? However, unlike those made-for-TV movies of that era, DOW does not run a lean 75 minutes or so. However, you need to be careful doing tasks that are above and beyond – as you may be helping someone else edge closer to victory. Dead of Winter is a thematic semi-cooperative game that manages to use a few simple mechanics to shine a bright spotlight on the tension between players. Dead of Winter is an experience that can be accomplished only through the medium of tabletop games, a story-centric game about surviving through a harsh winter in an apocalyptic world. Those who enjoy such movies will find this seeming tribute nicely nostalgic. By adding the possibility that one of your party is going to be a traitor changes the whole dynamic. After dealing with the trash, it’s time to deal with the zombies. The plot involves a young woman in mortal danger, and you can see how she can save herself, even if she can't. Dead Of Winter puts the players in control of their own small teams of survivors, trying their best to avoid becoming lunch for undead banging on the colony gates. Then set up the town locations. Each town location has a separate deck that is shuffled and placed at its location. During the colony phase, seven different effects take place: Players continue to play through rounds and search different areas of the board and ultimately try to complete both their secret objective and the main objective. I won’t spoil any of the cards, but they force you to make some hard decisions. Dead of Winter has a 77% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes from 13 reviews. It wasn’t cute, it wasn’t cheerful, but good grief it was great to play. While the game can easily be passed off as ‘just another zombie game’, when you scratch the surface you will find the game is so much more than that. To keep everything organized you will need a bunch of bags (there are so many different decks of cards) or a handy foam insert like one of these. We use cookies on this site to optimize site functionality and give you the best possible experience. There will be an overall objective that ends the game. Every time a player moves they must role the 12 sided exposure dice. I really like the artwork in the game, and the character and zombie tokens work well. A List of the Best Fantasy Board Games – Our Guide & Review, Pandemic Cooperative Board Game Review & Ultimate Guide, Traitor or No Traitor? The round tractor will go down once every turn, whereas the morale tracker will be moved up and down based on your actions in the game if either of these ever get to zero the survivors lose. Players could have nothing happen (best case scenario), they could get frostbite, they could be bitten, or they could straight-up DIE! Welcome to Dead of Winter, a semi-cooperative survival horror game where you play as a group of survivors who come together to form a colony in an old warehouse that shields them from the harsh winter conditions of a world that has been taken over by zombies. He loves trying out all sorts of new games and has a gaming room that is filled to the brim with collectibles, and awesome nerd stuff! It’s okay as a 2-player game, but having 3-4 players is perfect and is the usual game group size anyway. If a player is outside the colony 1 zombie will spawn for every 1 survivor. There are no featured audience reviews for Dead of Winter at this time. There is a different crisis every turn)! After every zombie kill, roll a D6 and on a 4 or higher you get a sample. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Everything from the components, cards and mechanics – including the cooperative and betrayal aspects, really have you feeling like you are a paranoid survivor trapped in a warehouse with strangers trying desperately to survive another day. Players need to search for supplies, deal with crises, build defenses and of course – kill zombies. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. It’s goofy but fits so well with the game. You’ll see several decks of cards that you’ll want to separate. The game requires that the players work together to complete a common goal which ranges from taking zombie samples to stockpiling food as well as working towards completing a secret objective themselves. Taking on such an acclaimed game and trying to improve on its formula is a tough proposition. Geek Gear Galore is reader-supported. With the use of individual player secret objectives, no one knows the true motivations of their fellow players, making for a very tense and exciting game, with a ton of player interaction.