2 people chose this as the best definition of construction: Anything that has been co... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Excavation In an air conditioning system, the compressor normally sits outside and has a large fan (to remove heat). Electrical Rough Contract between owner and contractor for a construction project. (Plural-"Addenda".). A/C - A group of mutually dependent and compatible components or subassemblies of components. Field Order Download Dictionary of Construction Terminology as PDF, An abbreviation for air conditioner or air conditioning, Search for glossary terms (regular expression allowed). It is constructed so that the bottom two horizontal plates can compress or pull apart if the concrete floor moves up or down. Fixed Fee The air flow is measured and is expressed in cubic feet per minute (CFM). A nonprofit organization which promotes the use of U.S. standards internationally, Bearing material between the various moving parts of a hinge. Egress It is dedicated to the advancement of the individual civil engineer and the civil engineering profession through education. This includes venting the hot water heater, installing all vent grills, registers, air conditioning services, turning on the furnace, installing thermostats, venting ranges and hoods, and all other heat related work. An written document from a contractor, subcontractor, material supplier or other construction professional(s), having lien rights against an owner’s property, relinquishes all or part of those rights. Counterfort contract requirements for the metal building system and it's accessories, The written minimum acceptable requirements set forth by the owner to the contractor during bidding process. contractor's license. An independent vehicle for the disbursement and accounting of construction funds allowing construction obligations to be paid (progress payments) when work is completed, inspected and approved. A plan can be thought of as cutting a horizontal section through a building at an eye level elevation. A properly licensed firm or corporation willing to execute a surety bond, or bonds, payable to the owner, securing the performance on a contract either in whole or in part; or securing payment for labor and materials. The door people use every time they enter or leave the house. ¥å¼ kikōshiki: groundbreaking ceremony 気密 kimitsu: air tight 樹種 … The total agreeable amount payable by the owner to the contractor for the performance of the work under the contract documents. A pipe, usually of metal, for carrying rainwater down from the roof's horizontal gutters. A milestone is an informational marker only; it does not affect scheduling. A curved structure that will support itself by mutual pressure and the weight above its curved opening. 36" and 427 heights are typical. The annual growth rings can be seen in the and grain of lumber. A mixture of sand and stone and a major component of concrete. Fiber insulation in loose form and used to insulate attics and existing walls where framing members are not exposed. Sometimes referred to as 'pickets' Atrium A subsurface layer of earth that is suitable to support a structure. Construction Dictionary . Share This Article 0 0 0 0. Amount stated in the bid to be added or deducted from the base bid amount proposed for alternate materials and/or methods of construction. A transformer that steps up the voltage in a florescent lamp. When a prime or main contractor starts the construction work BEFORE the plans and specifications are complete. Blue Print(s) An open court within a building. Diagonal bracing between adjacent floor joists, placed near the center of the joist span to prevent joists from twisting. ACCESS Approach or way in. A wall that supports any vertical load in addition to its own weight. Floating Wall These automatic closing arrangements are fail safe in that upon power failure, the door closes. Preface. A point where a bearing or structural weight is concentrated and transferred to the foundation. Elevation Barge Board Another phrase for Utility Notification. One free from the influence, guidance, or control of another or others and does not owe a "fiduciary duty". Two members represent the NDOR. A governmental municipal authorization to perform a building process as in: Zoning/Use permit - Authorization to use a property for a specific use e.g. Row of arches, free-standing and supported on piers or columns; a blind arcade is a "dummy". A glossary of house building terms most commonly found in home plans, home design, blueprints and new home construction. In windows it is measured in terms of cubic feet or air per minute, per square foot of area. AG LINE – A perforated pipe (usually covered with a geo-textile fabric) laid behind retaining walls and other areas to catch seeping stormwater. The report includes a description of the weather; a record of the total number of employees, subcontractors by name, work started and completed today, equipment on the job site, job progress today, names and titles of visitors, accidents and/or safety meetings, and a remarks column for other job related information. Budget (Construction Budget) (see TI'S). An 8/12-roof pitch goes up 8″ for every foot or 12” it goes over. 1. A written document from the contractor to the owner that releases the Lien, Mechanic’s or Material following it’s satisfaction. or 'spindles'. survey is performed to obtain horizontal and/or vertical dimensional data so that constructed improvements may be located and delineated. A hot rolled shape called an Angle with symbol L which has equal legs or unequal legs. Owner JSA – Job Safety Analysis – is a common term used in construction or jobsite environment by Field Personal or Project Mangers. 4. or the date the agreement was actually awarded to the contractor. Cross Tee Glossary terms 3-week look ahead: The schedule that is published each week by the general contractor that outlines what is occurring in the next three weeks of the project. Make no mistake about it, the construction industry is complicated, with thousands of terms and jargon that are tough to grasp for anyone new to the industry. PERT Schedule Plan The construction terms have been broken down into sections or 'groups' of terms in order to best navigate and understand them. 16' = 16 board feet, 2" x 12" x 16' = 32 board feet, - An amount of money (usually $5,000-$10,000) Adjustable metal column used to support a beam or bearing point. Construction Terminology Cheat Sheet Planning Assignable Square Footage (ASF) Usable square footage within a physical space (measured from finished wall to finished wall). The process of fastening a joist or joist girder to a masonry, concrete, or steel support by either bolting or welding. The procedures and conditions for the submission of bids. Construction Document Review Bid Price A numbering system given to specific kinds of work for the purpose of organizing the cost control process of a specific project. Our construction managers and personnel will guide you through the complete homebuilding process, from pre-planning all the way to the final walk-through. If you have a disability and are having trouble accessing information on this website or need materials in an alternate format, 'Green board' type drywall has a greater resistance to moisture than regular (white) plasterboard and is used in bathrooms and other "wet areas". The total of all moving and variable loads that may be placed upon a building. Amount of air that passes between a window sash and frame. Contracting Officer 2. The electrician installs all plugs, switches, light fixtures, smoke detectors, appliance "pig tails", bath ventilation fans, wires the furnace, and "makes up" the electric panel. awarded, seek to induce subcontractors to reduce the subcontract price included An acre measures 43,560 square feet. Cornice A structure designed and constructed to house farm implements, hay, grain, poultry, livestock or other agricultural products. The most recent product introduction along these lines is the so-called "swing free" unit. A device which looks like a switch and is usually located inside the electrical breaker panel or circuit breaker box. The Dictionary of Construction Terms offers clear and concise explanations of the most commonly encountered legal and technical terms, phrases and abbreviations used throughout the construction … Design Includes all exterior walls and any interior wall that is aligned above a support beam or girder. Any window space projecting outward from the walls of a building, either square or polygonal in plan. Construction Documents Phase Geotechnical structures need anchors to counteract the uplift and other - An axial force causing tension in a member. An addendum is generally issued by the owner to the contractor during the bidding process and as such, addenda are intended to become part of the contract documents when the construction contract is executed.