:-). Dump in apple pie filling and spread with a spatula to evenly cover the bottom of the crockpot. I love apple dumplings with vanilla ice cream. 5 hours was perfect for me, but crockpot temperatures can vary, so I’d check it at 4 hours to be safe. The first time you make this, I recommend checking on the cake after 1 ½ hours of cooking time just in case your slow cooker runs hot. Crock Pot Apple Dump Cake with Salted Caramel. Only 5 ingredients are needed to make this wonderful Slow Cooker Caramel Apple Dump Cake. My passion is for sharing dishes inspired by my southern roots! CAN I MAKE APPLE CARAMEL DUMP CAKE IN THE SLOW COOKER? How big is your crock pot? I like to make apple pies in the fall. I love apple pie with ice cream. Share Recipe. Go grab your slow cooker and let’s get started! Crumble the cake mix over the apple pie filling. I like to make apple turnovers and apple crisp. Assemble: Add apple pie filling and caramel topping to pan, stir to swirl together, then spread out flat. It’s one of the BEST dump cakes ever partly because it uses FRESH apples and not the super sweet gooey canned apple … I’d recommend making it in two crockpots if possible. Top with cubed butter, then cover and cook on. I know, I know. You can cook it on HIGH for two hours or set it on LOW and let it cook for 4 hours. Do you think it would give adequate serving size for that many. Made with apple pie filling, cinnamon, cake mix and butter, this awesome dump cake is the ultimate comfort food. https://ladyandtheblog.com/crockpot-apple-cobbler-recipe-easy-dump-cake This Slow Cooker Caramel Apple Dump Cake Recipe might just be my easiest dessert recipe EVER! It's perfect for fall, especially Thanksgiving or Christmas when you're feeding a crowd. To me it tasted like sweet cake (with the cake mix flavor) and I definitely tasted the caramel. 9. This dump cake looks wonderful! Tips for Making Crockpot Dump Cakes. Easy Ideas for Busy Parents | Houston Texas Mom Blog. We use them to make apple jelly and apple pies, and I just can’t choose one. With just 4 ingredients, this Dump Cake recipe is crazy easy! With cooler temps finally, I love to bake apple pies with cinnamon streusel topping. Can you use fresh apples? Growing up we had apple trees but it was a battle to get any because the horses loved them. Are you ready to make some? We use pretzels, chocolate candies and sprinkles to decorate too. We use a peach cobbler recipe that we adapted and my oldest child is finally old enough to start helping me make it this year! Dump the apple pie filling into the crock and spread evenly on the bottom. I'm Nikki the face behind Soulfully Made. To cook this Apple Dump Cake Recipe, use a 5-6-quart crockpot for best results.. How to Make a Crockpot Apple Dump Cake. Apple pie with caramel sauce and ice cream. Nope! Apples sliced and skin off with caramel apple sauce for dipping. Warms the soul! Can I double this recipe in one crockpot and it still come out right ? So good to dip the apple wedges into that peanut butter. I think it’ll be perfect topping for ice cream. Dump the pie filling and … I'm Nikki the face behind Soulfully Made. Generously spray the inside of 6-quart slow cooker with non-stick cooking spray. This recipe works in the oven too just like a regular dump cake. Lately I’ve been having a lot of apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon! Easiest crockpot apple cake ever. My favorite way to enjoy apples is apple pie. This slow cooker caramel apple dump cake might just be the best thing I’ve ever eaten…ever. Cover and cook on high for 2 hours or on low for 4 hours, until apples have softened and topping is golden brown and cooked through. I love any kind of cherry dump cake, but this Crockpot apple dump cake that Grambo made recently might be taking a place at the top of the list of favorites! Easy Caramel Sauce. My favorite way to enjoy apples is when they are covered in caramel! I enjoy apples by making apple pie in the fall. Can you open things and dump them in a crock pot? Delicious! I no longer live in apple country but when I did I loved to makes Dutch Apple Pie, applesauce, apple cobbler and eat the fresh apples right off the tree, Such a versatile fruit! Must try! https://www.thecookingmom.com/recipe-box/desserts/caramel-apple-dump-ca… That looks absolutely delicious! I love apple picking and eating them fresh. And of course, sprinkles. Another delicious Crock Pot Caramel Apple Dump Cake | The Simple Parent. Thanksgiving dessert anyone? I like to have an apple for a snack and I like to make apple pies for my family! This post is being Featured at the new Merry Monday Party starting Sunday evening! I love to make apple dumplings. We also don’t mix the butter and the cake mix. Caramel Apple Dump Cake: Easy Dessert. This easy Crockpot Apple Dump Cake Recipe is like the best part of apple pie!. We love to make Apple Pie and bread and candy apples. I like making caramel apples with my kids. In a separate bowl, combine dry yellow cake mix and melted butter, and stir evenly. I love making apple pie all year long, but especially in the fall :). Alternatively, you can find the full written recipe right below the video. It’s quick and easy and really good.. My favorite way to enjoy apples during the fall, is straight from the tree! But this cake sounds amazing too! I make apple crumbles and apple crisps all fall. I like to make apple pies.. and did a lot more when kids were younger — now out on their own and always saying they are watching their weight! While we hope for Fall weather to arrive, we made Crockpot Caramel Apple Dump Cake so we could enjoy some of our favorite Fall flavors! Great post, I will have to add this one to my recipes to try in my crock pot this fall! I like to make Apple Streusel with the apples we pick. It should be fine, but I’m guessing you’ll need to increase the cook time quite a bit, since the cake part will be so much thicker! About Us, Mini Apple Cake Loaves with Powdered Sugar Drizzle, This post may contain affiliate links. Pour in cake mix and use your hands to spread it out evenly and gently press it down. ! My favorite way to enjoy apples is in a delicious apple pie. {break up any large chunks into small crumbles with spoon}. 5/5 (100%) 1 vote. This apple dump cake is so simple to make with just a few ingredients including pie filling and boxed cake mix! Then you can make this! This caramel apple dump cake is just that but instead of a cake pan, it’s a crockpot! Apple pie is my favorite way to enjoy apples in the fall! We love apple pecan pie but I love apples in anything. Glad the grandkids devoured this! Top filling with pecans and then caramel. I’d worry that the outsides would burn, but I’m guessing you’ll still be fine. To reheat, just microwave or bake until heated through! Crockpot Pumpkin Dump Cake. So they can just have them raw as a snack now! Oct 19, 2017 - Explore Heather Curle's board "crockpot apple dump cake" on Pinterest. We like to replicate the applesauce my grandma used to make using Red Hot candies. I like apple pie or just fresh Honeycrisp apples. I just wanted a warm easy dessert for our potluck book club party. To cook this Apple Dump Cake Recipe, use a 5-6-quart crockpot for best results.. How to Make a Crockpot Apple Dump Cake. Absolutely! Scoop and serve with vanilla ice cream and an extra sprinkle of pecans and drizzle of caramel. In a 5-6 quart crockpot dump the 2 cans of apple pie filling. Top filling with pecans and then caramel. Read our. This combination of ingredients seriously tastes like Fall. If you’ve never made a dump cake before, it’s called a dump cake for a reason. Top with vanilla ice cream and OH MY it’s a great slow cooker dessert. I love making baked apples and serving in a bowl of sweet cream coffee creamer. Not all crockpots are created equal. There is plenty of flexibility in this recipe. I also like to make a simple dessert using crescent rolls and wrapping them around apple slices with some sugar and cinnamon in them and then baking them. With just six ingredients and hardly any prep time, you can dump everything into your slow cooker and let it work its magic! They’re right above the written recipe in the recipe card . I love apple cider. Depending on your model this cake may take more or less time. This post was originally published October 18, 2017 and has been updated to provide more detailed content. Primary Sidebar. Can I have 2 favorites? The first time you make this, I recommend checking on the cake after 1 ½ hours of cooking time just in case your slow cooker runs hot. I love having hand held apple pies we love to eat them. i love it year round. I like fried mini apple pies sprinkled with powdered sugar. As for the cooking time, all slow cookers cook differently. If you want to substitute fresh apples for the apple pie filling, try these ingredients: Then layer the apples in the bottom of the slow cooker, top with the brown sugar and cinnamon, and pour the apple juice over it all. It’s best fresh, but does reheat well . IN a warm apple crisp with real whipped cream. It’s one of the BEST dump cakes ever partly because it uses FRESH apples and not the super sweet gooey canned apple … Because this caramel apple dump cake recipe has the extra ingredient with the caramel sauce, I feel like it gives you a little more cake in the end. To cook it faster in the oven, simply spread the pie filling in a greased 9×13 inch baking dish, drizzle with caramel, dump the cake mix over the mixture, top with butter, sprinkle on chopped pecans, and bake at 350ºF for roughly 45 minutes! I love apple crisp! Apple crisp is awesome as well!