I just checked Cadsoftusa. And Eagle is no better (disclaimer: I used OrCAD and Protel a lot in the past, so I might be biased). That will be me getting to grips with the counter intuitive keyboard controls in kicad then… grumble.. For reference the recent guides for kiCad are; 4.2 Connectivity. I like the integration between Fusion 360 and EAGLE. Photo & Graphics tools downloads - EAGLE by CadSoft Computer GmbH and many more programs are available for instant and free download. People used it only because it was either free for them or cheap, not because it is a really good product. With this, comes a reminder that the ‘hacking community’, and the unprofessional inquisitive amateur is generally still viewed as being messing with things that they should not. Despite announcements to the contrary in 2016, Autodesk switched to a subscription-only licensing model with EAGLE 8.0.0 in January 2017. AFAIK that is only useful for perfboard prototypes. A hobbyist user must generate less than $1,000 USD in annual revenue, using Fusion 360 for home-based, non-commercial design, manufacturing, and fabrication projects. That way some of the code base can be locked away to stop it being stolen. Blame all the freetards pirating the software that has forced them to try a different model to make it profitable. Previously, you could either opt to upgrade a previous version of Eagle or buy a whole new versions. When it’s just a hobby, you need to minimize time invested learning something you’ll only use a couple times. I would have to upgrade to the $1200 package. well… i guess i’ll be saving the “free” version 7.7. PRO TIP #2: Place individual GND symbols wherever you can. Very easy to use, which can’t be said about any other software for PCB design (except Proteus, maybe)…, and another ditto, would love to see a true and honest review as it has improved greatly in the past ~2 years. Have already migrated half way to Kicad. Now they have a decent offering. I preferred even to make one-off PCBs with etch resist pen over using perforated board in times where there were no useful PCB software packages (mid 80ies, when I have been in school). Autodesk makes software and services available on a licensed or subscription basis. Maybe the new routing stuff in Eagle brings it up to scratch, but Kicad has better library management. Fix your licensing or your pricing and I’ll consider buying a new license. So nobody gets to direct debit or monthly charge me automatically any more. Accessing such content or services and use of Licensed Materials may cause Licensee’s Computer, without additional notice, to connect automatically to the Internet (transitorily, intermittently or on a regular basis) and to communicate with an Autodesk or third-party website—for example, for purposes of providing Licensee with additional information, features and functionality or to validate that the Licensed Materials and/or content or services are being used as permitted under this Agreement or other applicable terms. It requires a reference 120 volt, 400 Hz sine wave (doubles as power), and 9 total (three triplets) of 28 volt 400 Hz inputs that are basically attenuated from the reference. Versions < 8 are still available here: ftp://ftp.cadsoft.de/eagle/program/. :) Indeed. And then there are all those applications I had to port from XFree to XOrg. It’s why most dev house never answer emails, they just send the to a big empty hole. ” KiCad still doesn’t do basic things at the heart of why people love Eagle (real-time forward/back annotating for one!)”. The exercise is entirely being run by the finance side of the business looking for a regular revenue to be able to rely on for the share price. Stuff like “Fly commercial instead of renting a business jet, Buy your next Ferrari used, …. How long has it been up? You should be expected to install a whole new OS if you want to get out from under the thumbs of greedy corporations, and users SHOULD flock to it, Because Freedom. If you need to look back at a design a few years from now, you better hope that your subscription is valid, that Autodesk is still running the license server, and that you have an active internet connection. [1] https://www.google.com/trends/explore?q=DipTrace,KiCAD,Mentor%20Graphics,%2Fm%2F01zb9v,Altium. We all hate subscriptions but Autodesk had most of the elements needed to offer a ‘maker suite’ or an integrated ‘EDI’ product except for the PCB design area. Anyone looking for easy to use software with a reasonable price then this is the right package for them. If you pay yearly it’s $41.67 per month as opposed to the $65 in my quote above, but still an increase from the rate I was paying before. In Autodesk EAGLE 8.3, the development team has done away with the need to manually download and add SparkFun libraries to the EAGLE libraries directory. As long as I ignore the upgrade messages and work locally, I hopefully will still be able to use it without the new restrictions. On top of all this, the free version of this software is available for download on AUTODESK website. alex zbq. I moved from Eagle to Kicad last year and I think Kicad is actually better in many respects. Sometimes the new versions leave out needed features, have new crippling bugs, or break existing needed workflow. I just need to justify not eating out for a few weeks and buy the full version.