Tiny amount of separation at heel joint. Each coin measures approx.1-1/2" inches in diameter and weight approx.0.60 oz-0.66 oz. Some relevant info: Harmonycentral.com zenbu I`m l. Made in Japan. In 1968 the Yamaha FG line came to America, consisting of the FG-75, FG-110, FG-140, FG-150, FG-180, FG-300 and the 12 string FG-230. The guitar is in excellent condition for its age There area few scratches on the back of the guitar and some on the front. Buyer pays shipping. Nippon Gakki Co. Ltd. (currently Yamaha Corporation) was established in 1887 as a piano and reed organ manufacturer by Torakusu Yamaha in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka prefecture and was incorporated on October 12, 1897. Reply. Very good cosmetic condition. i have a Yamaha nippon gakki s-70 guitar, like mentioned above, that i got from my Godfather, and the google searches i made tell me that this kind of guitar, was made in the 1950's to 80'(? By this stage Yamaha was making guitars(including Grand Concert classicals) for export markets in Taiwan and Indonesia which, while still good guitars, didn't come close to the guitars being produced in Japan by Nippon Gakki. Top is spruce, back and sides katsura, neck is nato and fingerboard is bubinga. Yamaha FG Series - Nippon Gakki Resource The Folk Guitar (FG) series made by Yamaha in the late 60s and 70s were extremely fine guitars modeled after Martin flatops. No other damage Neck: Nice and straight Soundboard: flat. 53 10. Please contact us prior to leaving a negative or neutral feedback and we'll be sure to offer a speedy resolution to any issues that may arise. No reserve auction on this 70s Yamaha classical guitar in excellent condition. I attempt to photograph everything very well. Im Geschäftsbericht 2007 der Yamaha Corporation (betreffend das Geschäftsjahr 2007, das am 31. It is a very well kept example. Nut, neck, fretboard, and bridge are all in good condition. Does not come with a case. Please contact seller before leaving negative feedback with any problems. 1970's Yamaha Nippon Gakki made in Japan guitar. No guitar case included. Tuners, nut, neck, fretboard, and bridge are all in good used condition. Vintage YAMAHA G60-A Classical Guitar. SCHUMANN Liszt ANNIE FISCHER Klemperer SAX 2485 TRUE #1 '81 Malibu HO Resin Body Fits AURORA JL AW 1/64th. To a verified physical address. Polaroid IMAGE ELITE Camera & Original Strap & Manual. A real Nippon Gakki with the typical sound - powerful for the price range. Some light scratches/blemishes, and nothing significant. The Yamaha Red Label FG5 recalls the company’s now-legendary 1960s-era Nippon Gakki Red Label acoustic guitars. There are scuffs, scratches and dings from normal use. Has anyone here had much experience with the old Yamaha FG Nippon Gakki guitars? This listing brought to you by: Bruno Fort Knox New Windsor TERMS OF SALE If you should decide to make a purchase with us this is what we like you to know; Please review the description. Williethesnake. 100 Nippon Gakki 6 String Accoustic Guitar, YAMAHA G-50A CLASSICAL 70'S MADE IN JAPAN NIPPON GAKKI, Vtg Yamaha Nippon Gakki G-100A Classical Guitar MADE IN JAPAN + GET 5 FREE COINS, Vintage 1974 Yamaha GC-5M Classical Guitar Nippon Gakki Japan RARE! Please note that payment must be cleared online prior to pick up, as we are unable to accept cash or process payment at our location. All sales are final unless noted otherwise in the description. 39 3/4" long. S-70 guitar. DATING YAMAHA GUITARS BY REFERENCE OF SERIAL NUMBERS. The tone of most of the ones I have played is exceptional for the dollar. The buyer, a significant gain in intrinsic monetary equity right off the bat. All items come as they are shown in the photos, including with or without accessories(unless otherwise noted) BATTERY POLICY for all electronics and power tools. PayPal Only. Unfortunately you cannot read the model number. Brand: Yamaha. Classical guitar with case, Yamaha Nippon Gakki G-130A Classical Nylon String Guitar - MADE IN JAPAN,vintage, GUITAR YAMAHA CLASSICAL / NIPPON GAKKI NO. We test that all batteries hold a charge at the time of purchase, however we do not time how long they hold a charge. The label is a natural color tan with gold writing. I am a musician and private collector. It is a feeling akin to raw animal magnetism, and feels almost sexual in nature. Yamaha G-50 A Classical (Nippon Gakki Co. Ltd.) originally sold between 1969-1972. Local pick up items not claimed within 14 days. Made by Nippon Gakki in Hamamatsu, Japan. Dust present on most surfaces. USA ONLY. Light weight case included. The top is solid Japanese Ezo Spruce! The Folk Guitar (FG) series made by Yamaha in the late 60s and 70s were extremely fine guitars modeled after Martin flatops. Williethesnake. None of the scratches are all the way through the wood. Vintage 1969 Yamaha FG-140 Red Label Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural OSSC The company, which is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its presence on the American market and export to other countries beyond Japan, has consistently produced guitars that have sold in impressive numbers and attracted a notable following of celebrity players and esteemed pros. The top has light wear and a couple of marks, and the back, sides and headstock are very clean with the odd mark. This guitar is in good condition for its age. Almost mint condition. $130.10 shipping. 53 10. No pulling on the bridge Bridge: no cracks or lifting. VINTAGE NIPPON GAKKI G-130A YAMAHA CLASSICAL GUITAR JAPAN MIJ CEDAR TOP . Watch . Williethesnake. 1549786. No cracks or separations, no structural issues very solid guitar, the bridge is intact the action is good, no buzzing strings, the strings are old and need to be replaced. Vintage YAMAHA FG-580 NIPPON GAKKI Acoustic Japanese. 80 Nippon Gakki Classical Guitar. Guitar with heavy play wear, and sadly, a little hole in the side where once a jack output was mounted. 1974 Yamaha GC-5M. Die Yamaha FG 150 ist ein Akustikgitarren-Modell, das in den Jahren 1968 bis 1973 von der japanischen Firma Nippon Gakki für Yamaha produziert wurde.. Das Modell besitzt eine Decke aus massivem Fichtenholz, der Korpus und der Hals bestehen aus Mahagoni.Das Griffbrett besteht aus Palisander mit einfachen Punkten als Markierung. C $266.39. For your consideration YAMAHA G-130A In good condition.Comes with hard shell case. 150 Nippon Gakki Acoustical Guitar, GUITAR YAMAHA CLASSICAL / NIPPON GAKKI CO. Lmtd Mod. Tuners rust free and in excellent condition. Hi, Yesterday at a yard sale I purchased a G-50 nippon gakki co. Yamaha guitar and as I was not familiar with that particular Yamaha I was wondering the history of it and it's value. Stones in My Passway - 1969 Yamaha FG-150Blind Willies Lament - 1969 Yamaha FG-230Hochatown - 1970 Yamaha FG-75, ©Mark Searcy Middleton 2005-2020  |  All Rights Reserved. PAYMENTS Paypal is the only method of Payment we accept. Challenges can include finding ones with good necks (they were lightly built which probably accounts for the nice tone). YAMAHA No. Used Vintage Yamaha G100 A Nippon Gakki Guitar& Case. The overall design evokes the look and feel of the original FG Red Label models launched in 1966 under the Nippon Gakki name that preceded the present-day Yamaha brand. I am open to your best offer! It's a good quality guitar and has a great sound. 2000 LLX-400 in excellent condition. A small amount of white substance that cleans off easily. Yamaha Nippon Gakki guitars. Measurements: Full Length: 39.5" Lower Bout: 14.5" Upper Bout: 11" Nut to saddle: 25.75" Notes: Please see photos for additional detail and feel free to ask questions. Hawkwind Hall Of The Mountain Grill PSYCH RARE EX. Bubinga fingerboard. I’ll keep it this way. $199.99. This guitar is a true winner, the wood has aged beautifully, it has a great sound. This vintage guitar is in excellent playable condition. One small scrape on the body. FAST 'N FREE. Please ask all questions before placing your bid. Please see the photos below. Not bad but I wanted to mention it. It has some youthful dings mostly on the top but it still plays like a maestro(never by me sadly) When a friend of mine played it I decided that it really needed to go back into an active, musical world- no more sad life tucked away in the closet. Please wait for my invoice) The winner. Guitar measures 14 5/8" wide at the widest part. Some touch-ups just below the bridge to older scratches. This is from the first generation of Yamaha classical guitars available in the USA. or Best Offer +C $75.00 shipping. In the event you experience any problems with your order. Nippon Gakki Yamaha Dynamic Guitar S50, 1960s Vintage Acoustic Guitar with Case. Nice old Yamaha guitar. $334.86. 100 Nippon Gakki 6 String Accoustic Guitar. wood torrefication process. Excellent condition vintage Yamaha from the Nippon Gakki factory. Auctions must end within 3 days of each other to be eligible for combined shipping. Yamaha Nippon Gakki G-60A Classical Acoustic Guitar Circa 1970(the G-60A was made in Japan between 1969-1973) Has a spruce top with maple sides and back. have been previously owed. YAMAHA NIPPON GAKKI G-100A Classical Guitar Awesome Vintage Guitar! I love its weathering. I have no idea how to pack a guitar like to ship. Nashville Fretworks . Over the years, the models in this original line have come to represent the quintessential Yamaha acoustic guitar. Headstock has some minor dings and dents. NO shipping to P.O or A.P.O Boxes. Time left 1d 23h left. This guitar is in good condition for its age. This guitar is more like a German Hauser classical guitar in body shape. THANKS FOR READING AND BEST OF LUCK TO ALL BIDDERS. The guitars that I choose this way are not only a joy to own and play. It was given to Christmas 1972 and I played it more in the 70s. … To add to the confusion, starting in 1972 guitars made in Japan, not for export, also have a Tan label, which says Nippon Gakki. The binding is 7 ply rosewood, and the neck is 3 piece mahogany. C $692.64. The Yamaha Corporation has grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer of a full line of musical instruments. Don't hesitate to send me your best offer! The prices I sell my guitars at are more than fair and often represent to you. Nice rich tone. Vintage '70s Yamaha FG 75 Nippon Gakki JAPAN Blues Flat Top Guitar !!! THIS PIECE HAS SEEN SOME PLAY AND FEATURES A GOOD AMOUNT OF SURFACE WEAR THROUGHOUT THE INSTRUMENT BUT SHE STILL PLAYS AND SOUNDS GREAT. of this auction will receive 5 free Mexican coins as shown in the pictures. Please look at the pictures to see what you will receive. With some scuffs and scratches. We do our best to offer you accurate photos and descriptions of the items we sell. The back and sides are made from Indian rose wood and the top is solid Ezo spruce. Free Shipping to lower 48 Continental USA States. Then I noticed the deep yellow patina of the top and well I had to have it. She bought it while she was a music student in Hong Kong back in the mid-1960's. Some deeper scratching on bottom side. Thank you and good luck. EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN OPINION ON WHAT A CONDITION IS ECT. Has anyone here had much experience with the old Yamaha FG Nippon Gakki guitars?

yamaha nippon gakki guitar

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