August 2008. Behaviour and ecology. Usually one, but sometimes two eggs are laid which hatch in 28-29 days. Many birders would have been aware of the family of Buffy Fish Owls (Ketupa ketupu) that inhabit the forest of the Lower Peirce Reservoir.Recently the juvenile owl was the focus of much attention as it sits quietly on its perch during most days, at times fishing, feeding, bathing or simply napping. Location: Krung Ching, Khao Luang, Nakorn SriTammarat, Thailand. Buffy Fish Owl (Bubo ketupu) immature. Tawny Fish Owl. With their talons, they catch fish that are swimming just below the surface. A large brown owl with wide yellow eyes and sideways-drooping ear tufts; rich tawny brown plumage with black mottling unique in its range. They live in forested areas with a nearby water source so that they have access to fish. Buffy Fish Owl. Indian Eagle Owl has … Generally, only one owlet will survive and will fledge after 6 weeks. Buffy Fish Owl found from West to central India in wet tropical forest near water. Always found in close proximity to rivers or lakes, usually roosting in dense waterside groves by day. Among these recorded have included hissing sounds and a rattling kutook, repeatedly rapidly about seven times.Also recorded has been a ringing, loud pof-pof-pof and a high, hawk-like hie-e-e-e-e-keek series of notes. The Buffy fish owl is rather noisy before breeding because they will call to find others for several minutes. Indian Eagle Owl or Indian Owl(Bubo Bengalensis) is also known by the names of Rock Eagle-Owl and Bengal Eagle-Owl. The buffy fish owl has been attributed with a range of vocalizations. It is a large, fierce and elite raptor found in the sub-continent of India. Hunts fish from a low perch at dusk and at night. Tawny Fish owl inhabit the Himalayan foothills to other parts of India and very close to the buffy fish owl. Feeding Habits. to Buffy Fish Owl, one of the more common names of the Ketupa ketupu, is so … Common Names: Buffy Fish Owl; Malay Fishing Owl; Malaysian Fish Owl; Java Fish Owl Synonyms: Bubo ketupu (Christidis and Boles, 2008). This owl has a big booming call, heard during dawn and dusk. Buffy fish owls mostly eat fish. Buffy fish owl Enjoying a wide distribution throughout Southeast Asia, the buffy fish owl is characterized by prominent ear tufts sprouting from the side of its head. Image by Peter Ericsson. Buffy Fish Owl ssp ketupu - Ketupa ketupu ketupu; Buffy Fish Owl ssp minor - Ketupa ketupu minor; Species Details; Observations; Maps; Photos; Sounds; Statistics; On/in; Names; from. Hunting birds are seldom observed, as they hunt from tangles and other dense vegetation. Etymology The name ketupu as in its Latin bionomial name, could have been derived from its old Javanese name, kutupu-kutupuk, which was also based on the owl's calls. Guide to the birds of Vietnam and Southeast Asia Countries including Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand. Buffy fish owls can be found in Malaysia, Thailand and the Indonesian Islands. The tawny fish owl is partially diurnal and described as most powerful and savage.

buffy fish owl call

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