Diploma Power Electronics Project Titles

Power Electronics

1. A New ZVT Snubber Cell for PWM-PFC Boost Converter

2. Comparison of Performance of Phase-Shift and Asymmetrical Pulsewidth Modulation Techniques for the Novel Galvanically Isolated Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter for Photovoltaic Applications

3. Generalized High Step-Up DC-DC Boost-Based Converter With Gain Cell

4. A Boost PFC Stage Utilized as Half-Bridge Converter for High-Efficiency DC-DC Stage in Power Supply Unit

5. A New SST Topology Comprising Boost Three-Level AC/DC Converters for Applications in Electric Power Distribution Systems

6. High Step-Up Interleaved Boost Converter for Distributed Generation Using Renewable and Alternative Power Sources

7. Wide Input-Voltage Range Boost Three-Level DC-DC Converter with Quasi-Z Source for Fuel Cell Vehicles

8. Optimal Inductor Current in Boost DC/DC Converters Regulating the Input Voltage Applied to Low-Power Photovoltaic Modules

9. Control of a Three-Phase Boost PFC Converter Using a Single DC-Link Voltage Sensor

10. Input Voltage Sensorless Duty Compensation Control for a Three-Phase Boost PFC Converter

11. Constrained decoupled power predictive controller for a single-phase grid-tied inverter

12. Predictive current control of a new three-phase voltage source inverter with phase shift compensation

13. Model Predictive Control for Three-Phase Four-Leg Grid-Tied Inverters

14. Neutral Point Clamped MOSFET Inverter With Full-Bridge Configuration for Non-isolated Grid-Tied Photovoltaic System

15. Three-Phase CH7 Inverter With a New Space Vector Modulation to Reduce Leakage Current for Transformer-less Photovoltaic Systems

16. Reactive Power Flow Control for PV Inverters Voltage Support in LV Distribution Networks

17. Simultaneous Implementation of LVRT Capability and Anti-Islanding Detection in Three-Phase Inverters Connected to Low-Voltage Grids

18. Sequence-Impedance-Based Harmonic Stability Analysis and Controller Parameter Design of Three-Phase Inverter-Based Multi-bus AC Power Systems

19. Single-Stage Three-Phase Current-Source Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Inverter High Voltage Transmission Ratio

20. A Data-Driven Fault Diagnosis Methodology in Three-Phase Inverters for PMSM Drive Systems

21. A Performance Investigation of a Four-Switch Three-Phase Inverter-Fed IM Drives at Low Speeds Using Fuzzy Logic and PI Controllers

22. Low-Frequency Current Oscillation Reduction for Six-Step Operation of Three-Phase Inverters

23. Reduction of Common Mode Voltage and Conducted EMI Through Three-Phase Inverter Topology

24. Centralized Control of Distributed Single-Phase Inverters Arbitrarily Connected to Three-Phase Four-Wire Microgrids

25. Modified Cascaded Boundary-Deadbeat Control for a Virtually-Grounded Three-Phase Grid-Connected Inverter With LCL Filter

26. An Optimized Three-Phase Multilevel Inverter Topology with Separate Level and Phase Sequence Generation Part

27. Three-Phase Three-Level Flying Capacitors Split-Source Inverters: Analysis and Modulation

28. Synchronization of the Carrier Wave of Parallel Three-Phase Inverters With Virtual Oscillator Control

29. A DC-to-Three-Phase Boost-Buck Inverter With Stored Energy Modulation and a Tiny DC-Link Capacitor