2015 - 2016 IEEE NS2 Projects Titles

Networking Projects

1. Maximizing Network Topology Lifetime using Mobile Node Rotation

2. Cost-Aware Secure Routing (CASER) Protocol Design for Wireless Sensor Networks

3. Pre Defined Trajectory Algorithm for Mobile Anchor Based Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks

4. Opportunistic Routing Algorithm for Relay Node Selection in Wireless Sensor Networks

5. MR-Chord Improved Chord Lookup Performance in Structured Mobile P2P Networks

6. Geographic Routing in Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks Among Obstacles

7. Opportunistic Routing Algorithm for Relay Node Selection in Wireless Sensor Networks

8. Energy-Efficient Intrusion Detection And Mitigation For Networked Control Systems Security

9. Dynamic Routing For Data Integrity And Delay Differentiated Services In Wireless Sensor Networks

10. Energy-Efficient Randomized Switching For Maximizing Lifetime In Tree-Based Wireless Sensor Networks

11. Progressive or Conservative: Rationally Allocate Cooperative Work in Mobile Social Networks

12. Using Migratable Objects to Enhance Fault Tolerance Schemes in Supercomputers

13. EDAL: An Energy-Efficient, Delay-Aware, and Lifetime-Balancing Data Collection Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks

14. Spectral and Energy Efficiency Analysis for Cognitive Radio Networks

15. QoS and Energy Efficient Resource Allocation in Uplink SC-FDMA Systems

16. Distributed Projection-Based Algorithms for Source Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks

17. A Lightweight Secure Scheme for Detecting Provenance Forgery and Packet DropAttacks in Wireless Sensor Networks

18. Coordinated Multi-Point Transmission with Imperfect CSI and Other-Cell Interference

19. Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer Under Different CSI Acquisition Schemes

20. Power Control and Resource Allocation for Outage Balancing in Femtocell Networks