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2013 - 2014 IEEE Dotnet Projects Titles

Parallel and Distributed Systems

  • Scalable and Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing using Attribute-based
  • Privacy Preserving Multi keyword Ranked Search over Encrypted Cloud Data

Image Processing

  • Local Directional Number Pattern for Face Analysis Face and Expression Recognition
  • Combining Multiple Classification Methods for Hyperspectral Data Interpretation

Information and Forensic Security

  • Enforcing Secure and Privacy-Preserving Information Brokering in Distributed Information Sharing


  • SeDas A Self-Destructing Data System Based on Active Storage Framework

Mobile Computing

  • EMAP Expedite Message Authentication Protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks


  • Attribute-Based Access to Scalable Media in Cloud-Assisted Content Sharing Networks

Services Computing

  • A system for timely and controlled information sharing in emergency situations

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