Diploma Dotnet Project Titles

Dotnet Diploma Project

1. Trust enhanced cryptography role based access control for secure cloud data storage

2. Improved Privacy-Preserving P2P Multimedia Distribution Based on Recombined Fingerprints

3. A Time efficient approach for detecting errors in big sensor data on cloud

4. Cost Minimizing Dynamic Migration of Content Distribution Services into Hybrid Clouds

5. Control Cloud Data Access Privilege and Anonymity with Fully Anonymous Attribute-Based Encryption

6. Identity-Based Distributed Provable Data Possession in Multi-Cloud Storage

7. Panda Public Auditing for Shared Data with Efficient User Revocation in the Cloud

8. PSMPA: Patient Self-Controllable and Multi-Level Privacy-Preserving Cooperative

9. Enabling Fine-grained Multi-keyword Search Supporting Classified

10. A Secure and Dynamic Multi keyword Ranked Search Scheme over Encrypted cloud

11. Real-time Twitter sentiment analysis with Stream Analytics

12. COMIC Cost Optimization for Internet Content Multihoming

13. Discovery of Ranking Fraud for Mobile Apps

14. Query Aware Determinization of Uncertain Objects

15. RRW - A Robust and Reversible Watermarking Technique for Relational Data

16. Combining Multiple Classification Methods for Hyperspectral Data Interpretation

17. A Secure Data Hiding Technique in Compressed Video Using a Secret Key

18. Steganography Using Reversible Texture Synthesis

19. Robust Watermarking Techniques For Color Images

20. Authenticated Key Exchange Protocols for Parallel Network File Systems

21. Assessment In Wireless Sensor Network Security

22. Energy aware Load Balancing and Application Scaling for the Cloud

23. Universal Network Coding-Based Opportunistic Routing for Unicast

24. Collision Tolerant and Collision Free Packet Scheduling for Underwater Acoustic Localization

25. Behavior Rule Specification-Based Intrusion Detection for Safety Critical Medical Cyber Physical

26. Friendbook: A Semantic-Based Friend Recommendation System for Social Networks

27. Continuous and Transparent User Identity Verification for Secure Internet

28. Key-Recovery Attacks on KIDS, a Keyed Anomaly Detection System