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Final Year ECE Projects
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Final year IEEE Projects

We offers latest ieee hardware and software projects in Java,Dotnet,Android and Php for all students...

  • It Empowers Integration of Material learned in the Project center.
  • Projects can be Developed own Idea for Individual Students.
  • 100% Output Guaranteed
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Mini Projects

The Aim of Final Year Center is top experts and experienced staffs for all BE, BTech students and also available mini projects in Embedded, Vlsi, Matlab, etc...

  • Guide the Project Completely
  • Timely Complete the Student Projects
  • Advanced Concepts Used in Mini Projects
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Application Projects

We are providing best final year application projects in Various domains like cloud computing, image processing, secure computing...

  • Online Project Delivery
  • Highly Experienced Professionals
  • Real Time IEEE and Non IEEE Projects Delivered
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Diploma Projects

Tha main purpose of diploma Java, dotnet projects provides for all cse , IT students and also ECE,EEE students projects at low cost...

  • Project Requirement Specification
  • Affordable Price
  • Developed Student projects in latest Technologies
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Final Year ECE Home

Welcome to Final Year Project ECE

1 Crore Projects is the best project centre in chennai.1Crore Projects offers IEEE 2019-2020 Final Year Projects for CSE / IT Students in Java / dotnet / android / oracle, and Application Projects in PHP Platform. Projects are doomed to take action as a connection between academic learning and handy execution. Working in Project gives the much needed hands on knowledge, judges your eligibility to document and present, and an opportunity to work in group just similar to how it happens at Corporate. It should hand out as a stepping stone before one embarks on a corporate line of business. But miserably that is not how it works now-a-days. Projects are considered just as a procedure before getting the Degree Certificate. We at 1Crore Projects are determined to formulate a change. We are confident you would be thankful for this change. Final Year Projects is our latest contribution which would bring about this transform. So Why wait ? Walk in to our office today to get to know us better !


java Project

Java Projects

Java Projects is very important for industry as well as career for final year engineering college students.

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dot net Projects

Dotnet Projects

Best Dot Net projects for all B.E, M.E Project Centre. Develop your new era in dotnet system

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Network Security Projects

NS2 Projects

Ns2 Projects is the best choice for simulating network domain.

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embeded Projects

Embedded Projects

Best IEEE Embedded Projects ECE ideas for final year engineering students.

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matlap Projects

MatLab Projects

We offer Best MATLAB projects for Engineering students, also image processing projects.

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Vlsi Projects

VLSI Projects

We have refreshed this rundown of VLSI projects for ECE students is involved in several areas.

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Iot Projects

IOT Projects

IOT Project ideas are an inspiration to students and researchers.

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Cloud Projects

Cloud Sim Projects

CloudSim as its simulation engine and provides an easy-to-use user interface. Best Final Year Projects in chennai.

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Bca Projects

BCA Projects

BCA Final Year Project are providing all the error-free BCA project, Bulk Projects, realtime projects.

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Bsc Projects

B.SC Projects

IEEE BSC Projects Chennai provides all java, matlab, embedded, dot net, ns2, etc for all BSC students.

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Graphic Design

MCA Projects

Best MCA Project Center in chennai mainly focusing to develop PG college students.

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secure-computing Projects

Secure Computing Projects

Best Secure Computing Projects provides Vb.net, Asp.net, C#, MVC projects.

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android Projects

Android - Bluetooth Based Projects

Android is a mobile operating system. Android mobile using Bluetooth technology.

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bio-mattrick Projects

Biometric- Finger Print Based Projects

We Offer Best Biometric and other scanner based projects for engineers students.

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communication Projects

Communication based Projects

Final Year Project Center provides all electronics and communication for ECE and EEE engineering students.

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guester-app Projects

Gesture Recognition- Gyroscope Based Projects

Best Gesture Recognition top most java, matlab, arduino projects.

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microcontroller projects

Microcontroller based projects

Best Microcontroller Based Projects are the core components of a project in microcontroller based projects.

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rfid Projects

RFID-SmartCard-Touch panel Based Projects

RFID-SmartCard-Touch panelBased Design and implementation on the intelligent management system

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robotics projects

Robotics based projects

IEEE robotics projects list based on embedded system be / btech / mca / M.sc students in Chennai.

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satelite Projects

Satillite & Mobile Communication

Satellite communication is a technology that is used to transfer from the transmitter

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mobile-communication Projects

Smart Mobile Communication Projects

Best Smart Mobile Communication Projects provides electrical & electronics live project kits.

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wireless-communication Projects

Wireless Communication Projects

Wireless Communication Techniques like WiFi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, GSM / SMS based,Mobile Controlled

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secure-computing Projects

Advanced Security Based Applications

Applications for all area in Html, js, ajax, angular js, python give Advance Security Based Application.

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arificial-intellent projects

Artificial Intelligence Control (Robotics)

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is defined as a system that works intelligently and optimally.

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advanced-scurity Projects

Authentication & Access Based Projects

Accelerometer-based gesture recognition is a major area of interest in human-computer using arduino.

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authendication Projects

Gesture Tilt Applications Recognition

Gesture Tilt Application Recognition does not have a simple solution, gravity is applying a constant.

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voice Projects

Voice - Integrated Applications

Voice Actions API Integrated Applications, your app can register for system actions.

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java-app Projects

Java Projects

Best Java IEEE Project centre for Be, Btech students. Projects is the recent day technology to the youngsters.

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dot-net-application Projects

Dotnet Projects

Best Dotnet Projects we build up all applications oriented.one of the highly demanded technologies.

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php-application projects

PHP Projects

We provide Best Final Year Real-time Application Project and give Best PHP Projects for all Engineering students.

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android-app Projects

Android Projects

Final Year Project centre offer android Projects to highlight all the more technical skills.

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embeded-app Projects

Embedded Projects

Best Embedded Projects strives hard to provide the Best Be, Btech with our Python, IOT professional Courses.

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mba-app Projects

MBA Projects

BE Project Center Offers begin to end up hands on specialists on Raspberry Pi prepared by Experience Developer.

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bcom-app Projects

B.COM Projects

We offer for B.Com Projects understudies to guarantee reproduction based tasks ahead of time innovation.

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bca-app Projects

BCA Projects

We BCA Projects for Engineering Final Year .New technology in java, dotnet, matlab in chennai.

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bsc-app projects

BSC Projects

We provide BSC Projects.Also, we have a high-level java, matlab, embedded syllabus for all higher levels language.

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mca-app Projects

MCA Projects

Best MCA Projects for Big Data Course in Chennai Center offers. updated knowledge and gives practical experience.

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msc-app Projects

MSC Projects

We also satisfies all the possible prerequisites of a top-notch and promising learning institute.

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bcom-app projects

B.Com Projects

Best B.Com Projects Centre covers basic level to advance high level.We are offering for all students.

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java-app Projects

CSE Projects

We offer java and j2ee training centers in Chennai is having the industrial experts on hand for our students.

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java-diploamo projects


Best Java Project Centers selecting a JAVA, J2EE Full Stack. We guide the students in right way to choose their projects.

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ece-diplamo projects

ECE Projects

Our Final Year Projects Students carrier growth rapport that we are one of the No 1 ECE Project centre in Chennai.

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aurdino-diplamo Projects


Best Arduino Projects in Chennai offering a wide range of software courses at affordable price.

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msc-app Projects


Our PIC Projects is available for both the beginner’s level as well as advanced level candidates.

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rasperipi-diplamo Projects


At our Final Year Project ECE, you will be able to learn the general concepts about Rarsperry Pi along with us.

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eee-diplamo Projects

EEE Projects

We are the top best EEE Projects in Chennai to offer the excellent Projects for the most affordable fee cost.

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matlap Projects


Best Matlab Projects from our Final Year and become industry ready with rich hands on experience.

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power-electronic-diplamo projects

Power Electronics

We are the No 1 Power Electronics having wide range of experienced trainers, course content and study materials.

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java Diploma projects


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Hands on Training will be given by the experts for fabrication.

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